Local TV repair service

Looking for references on TV repair services. LG tech support remotely diagnosed my tv and confirmed it needs a repair. My Costco Visa extended warranty will cover repair services but it's up to me to find a service.

Per Google, I found:
- Mike's TV Shop - Saxton Lane, Hackettstown
- Tinos TV Repair LLC - Whitehouse Station
- Warren Sontos TV Repair - Denville
- Electronics Service Unlimited - Newton

All seem to have good reviews albeit the number of reviews is really low.

emaxxman emaxxman
6 days ago


Here is some info from a thread just a few years ago.

When you do need to replace the TV get a Samsung.

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
6 days ago

Why get a Samsung?

Many TV's are using LG panels regardless of the badge on the front...and if you want 'better' then Sony is the way to go- at a price premium.

Mike from Mike's TV shop helped me out a couple years ago, savings me from having to buy a new one for a while. He even loaned me a TV while he worked on mine. When my TV started giving me more problems about a year or so later, he didn't waste any of my time or money, honestly telling me it would be best to just get a new one at that point. He was very kind and helpful.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
5 days ago

I like Mike....

Also heard the "might as well get new." Of course I was on really light LED and now on even lighter thin screen so all good. Finally got a TV I can lift :>)

Thanks all.

I'll check out Mikes. Still trying to get Costco to just replace it given how much trouble it is even to find a repair service.

I'm hoping the quote for repair is almost as much to replace the tv with a comparable model. I went on a Costco forum and that's what happened for some people. Visa just credited them the cost of their purchase.

As far as tv brands go, I have both LG and Samsungs. LG was my first flatscreen (55" - 1080p). It still looks great. I have smaller Samsungs (40"-ish) in the bedrooms. 2 are 4k and 1 is a 1080p. All look great.

LG and Sony's top of the line are both OLEDs. From what I've read, OLEDs are the best images you can get. They cost quite a bit though. I have a 32" LG 4k computer monitor and it's amazing.

Obviously no one could predict the future but if I had waited just a few months, I would've taken all the gas money I saved with Covid lockdowns and put it towards an OLED. Samsung QLED is great too. I'll make that choice depending on how this repair turns out.

emaxxman emaxxman
2 days ago

I'm still using Panasonic plasma because up until last years QD-OLED there wasn't anything improved enough to spend the money.

Even then- the plasma probably still has better motion handling.

But once this years Sony drops in price towards late summer I will probably pick one up.

The Bravia Core streaming service seems to have blu-ray quality.

Just to save some time for others:

Mikes TV repair (phone number from http://www.hackettstownlife.com/forum/521407) is shared with Dunnellen TV shop. # is out of service.

Tinos Repair LLC - Whitehouse Station - no answer

Warren Santos TV Repair - Denville - # is out of service

Electronics Service Unlimited - # is out of service

NJ TV Computer Repair Center - Elmwood Park - won't come out to Hackettstown.

Left messages at
- Frank's Gateway Elect LLC - Flemington
- Wagner Electronics - East Stroudsburg

emaxxman emaxxman
10 hours ago

Call LG customer service , explain your situation and let them send someone from their closest repair center . I had a Samsung repaired under warranty and the guy came out from Riverdale NJ . It took him about 30 minutes to change out the faulty board . I asked him how Archie and Jughead were doing back in Riverdale , but he didn't get the joke .

I already called LG. It's not covered under the LG warranty anymore. It's covered through my Costco Visa extended warranty. Visa will cover all the expenses but it's up to me to get the repair done.

LG did give me the contact for the two closest authorized repair services. One was in Queens and the other outside NYC but in NY too. One didn't answer their phone and the other wouldn't come out due to distance.

LOL on the Riverdale. When that show was popular, I had no idea it was based on Archie (not that I watched it either.) Found out years later.

emaxxman emaxxman
8 hours ago

Sorry that advice didn't help emaxx . Well at least defensive guru Dan Quinn is staying with our Cowboys . After that pathetic loss Sunday I'll take what little victories I can get .


If 'covered' but need to find a servicer- and none are available in a reasonable area- PUSH- escalate - PUSH.

Coverage should NOT mean you need to go out of your way- especially a great distance with something large like a TV.

No joke- what if you were a person with a economy car like a Prius?

Many modern TV are getting really big!

And if you had a truck- they suck gas.

It may be 'up to you to bring to service' but service should be reasonable- or on their cost to make right.

(I work in an unrelated but similar type industry)


Not a chance in hell I would drive to NY.

Modern times- if you can't get me a service in a 30 min drive from my house each way- I'm gonna fight for reimbursement. My time is MY time. Even @ 30 min- that is an hour+ to drop off- and hour+ to pick up. Plus fuel / wear etc

LOL at 97XBAM - I had totally forgotten my gravatar was the star. I haven't really posted on this site in years. That game was so disappointing. Hopefully they get a new OC. I think the offense is being held back by Moore.

@Josh - Yeah, I'm not bringing that bad boy anywhere. It's a 75". I have a small SUV and it's not fitting. I'm going to keep pushing with both Costco customer service and the Costco Visa customer service. The Visa warranty service has been great with other stuff so I'm hopeful.

emaxxman emaxxman
5 hours ago

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