Fave Holiday Cookie/Recipe

Just wondering what everyone's baking this year.
Standard gingerbread men and brandy ball baking this year for me

The Bakery- saves time- mess and is always successful!



Seems like a popular subject. Last year's thread as well as one from 2019.

Yes it is..
Greg, what's your favorite?

Chocolate Chip
Peanut butter blossoms (pb cookie w/a hersheys kiss)
Ginger/molasses cookies

I want to try a thumbprint cookie with jam this year

My neighbor makes a browned butter shortbread cookie I quite enjoy.

Greg, love shortbread! Good choice :)
I think I will attempt Linzer Tart cookies this year.


Always love to make oatmeal scotchies during the holidays.

Yummy, LV
Definitely trying that out.
We should all bake our faves and meet/exchange for an interesting try :-)

1. Don’t buy ingredients

2. Don’t cook.

3. Go to Goldbelly.

4. Pay $100 a cookie.

5. Be happy. Overnight delivery!

Springalies (sp). Hard to make, but the best anise cookie. Hard to find in stores.

Springerle - are a fav of ours Really easy IF a carved traditional rolling pin is not used to press in designs. What is hard is finding the anise seed. It seems to have disappeared from the local stores. I now drop dough by tsp. & flatten. Recipe is a really old one but still the best.

E Chamberlain E Chamberlain
1 week ago

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