Peaches ! 2022

Stopped in at Best Fruit farm Sunday and picked up a small basket of peaches (I think they were $8.75) Delicious & juicy !
So lucky to have all this great agriculture nearby go out and get some !

look foward to bests peaches every year.always the best around,fresh sweet and juicy.they have been growing them longer then anybody around.

Thanks Gusb for letting us know! I missed them last year. Went to Bests' 5 minutes after I saw your post yesterday to get some. Probably going again today - they are almost gone.

This year's peaches are horrible. Not ripe or sweet. Just hard and tart. What happened? Picking too early?

2 weeks ago

I must disagree Peachboy. I just finished a basket that I got from Best's last Friday. They were absolutely delicious. Sweet, juicy as heck, and perfect texture.

I've had very good peaches from a few places

I bought their peaches today and they are FANTASTIC!!!

Michele B Michele B
1 week ago

I must re-iterate. I've been buying peaches all year, from various local farms, and they're 90% not good.

7 days ago

i just got a basket full from bests fruit farm.they are by far the best peaches in the area if not new jersey

Not impressed with Donaldson’s own peaches at all. Of the dozen that were for sale, I bought the 3 that would pass as acceptable and of those 3, two were rotten on the inside.

Will try Best’s next.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
4 days ago

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