international day lineup may 14

does anyone what is planned for international day,parade ,food vendors ,music.selling booths.may 14 saturday

Here is the info from the Bid website. You can also call them for more details.

Wonder if the food will be sold on the street, or do you have to go to each individual restaurant like during the $2 tasting event.

3 weeks ago

There will be some food vendors on the street and some will just have their doors open.

Main Street will be closed to vehicles and open to visitors from 12-7 pm to enjoy a family day of fun celebrating the diverse cultures of Hackettstown. Stroll through the business district and enjoy family friendly activities highlighting Hackettstown’s diverse cultures with kid’s activities, crafts and live entertainment. Enjoy live music from various countries and genres including a Mariachi band, Bagpipers, Oompa Band (at Czig Meister Brewing Maifest), Brass Roots for Americana music and a Frank Sinatra impersonator. We also will host dancers, professional street performers and live demos. Kids will enjoy balloon artists, tattoos, crafts, Mexican Day of the Dead face painting from 12-4pm and more..

Jessica Taenzer
2 weeks ago

It looks like the BID decided to cancel because of the weather.
Boo-hoo, too bad they can’t change to another weekend.

7 days ago

The NWS is only calling for a tenth of an inch of rain or less during the day tomorrow. People used to be constructed of hardier stock such that they would not melt under these conditions... unlike snowflakes and sugarcubes.

ianimal ianimal
7 days ago

Is it really cancelled? I didn't see that on the website link above!

Hackresident Hackresident
7 days ago

The cancellation was announced in their email updates.

41% chance of rain. Ridiculous. I’ll bet those vendors and musicians don’t come back.

Rainfall total for Saturday in Hackettstown?

Zero point zero one inches per the weather almanac...

ianimal ianimal
3 days ago

These comments are unnecessary, IMO. I've been on the end of having to make the decision about moving forward with an event or cancelling, and it's NEVER, NEVER an easy one. The organizers agonize before making the decision, and they make it based on the best information available at the time.

The consideration of cancellation for an event of this size has to be made at least 24 hours ahead of time, if not even a bit longer. So they work with the information and forecasts from a day or two out.

If they had held it, and the forecasted rain occurred, I expect we'd see a group of people on here complaining that they shouldn't have held the event because of the poor weather.

How about putting yourselves in their shoes, and instead of second guessing at every turn, being thankful that we still have a group of dedicated citizens working to provide events for our town?

summerrain1 summerrain1
3 days ago

Bravo summerrain1 !! too many people who probably don't volunteer to help do these activities being critics.

The forecasted rain was for less than 1/10" total for the entire day.

It's not like they were calling for an inch and a half and only got 0.01". The forecast turned out to be entirely accurate.

ianimal ianimal
3 days ago

So easy to second guess.

3 days ago

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