Tire Service at Walmart

Hi, just got a very competitive quote for tires at the Walmart in Mt Olive ( Budd Lake Trade Zone)..
Has anyone used their services and can provide some feedback, thanks

Yes, I've used them a number of times and never had any problems. I've also used BJ's and never experienced any problems either. It was just a matter of who had the best deal (installed) on the tire brand, model and size I was looking for.

These guys are OK. Drive your car on smooth level road and check thoroughly for vibrations after installation. I had once replaced tires at this Walmart and they had to balance wheels THREE times.
OR go to Dimensions (Roy) and he'll balance them perfectly first time. Walmart can just install the tires. He charges more for balancing and also does wheel alignment. He actually re-balanced those wheels (from walmart) and stated that one was off by a gram or so.

Thank you,
Pyc, how much does Dimensions charge for balancing?

I think Pyc's comment says it all. You can get a good deal at Walmart, but you may not always get the best service (quality is a question for another day). When it comes to a car, I don't feel great about going to the old discount warehouse.

AJMS - Dimensions charge about 95 for both axles.

car title car title
November 27th

thank you.
So I guess I will hold off going there. Thanks all for the input.

I've always had good prices and service at Hackettstown Discount Tire on Mountain Avenue.

The_Bishop The_Bishop
November 28th

We did well at Walmart this year.. We got 4 new tires for my 17 year old's first (used) car, for $280. They misquoted us by $40 but honored their original quote. The tires themselves, and the alignment and installation all went very smoothly and without a hitch.

no problem at all with tire mount at Walmart. ordered the tires online, Walmart let me know when tires arrived then it was an easy experience with the mount/install.
If I remember right it was first come first serve on weekends. appointments during the week. but it may be the other way. I don't remember that part. only that it was easy and reasonablly fast.

hm... Flanders Walmart (on International Dr) doesn't do alignment.

They’d have to be 25% cheaper than HDT for me to ever use them. And they won’t be if you compare the same tires. I wouldn’t let Walmart anywhere near my car. But YMMV

November 30th

Consigliere, I doubt if a Big Box store is going to jump off its foundation and stalk your automobile with the intent of forcibly installing cheap Chinese tires on your BMW.

Might be a decent premise for a B movie though, lol.

Sears used to install tires with dry rot back in the day

was thinking of having them install tires then go elsewhere next day for alignment?

AJMS, I did so - tires & mount at Walmart, balance/alignment - at Dimensions.

Personally I do not trust Walmart. I think the employees must get some kind of bonus for scheduling extra work not asked for. I brought my relatively new car there for an oil change. I was given a printout for all points checked. The cashier told me I needed tires badly. Since it was still a new car, I was very surprised and said I didn't have time that day and left. At home I checked my owner's manual to see what the depth of the tire tread should be and according to the printout they were spot on. I wrote to the manager of Walmart telling him of the deceptive tactics received. I never got a response. That was the last time I used Walmart automotive. I think she saw a woman and decided it would be an easy sale.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
December 2nd

Unfortunately, that happens at a lot of places, parental unit, not just Walmart.

Parental Unit, that's why I have only one trusted mechanic and he is 50 miles away.
some "easy" jobs I go to Kev's auto in Allamuchy.
Most of the "professionals" screw up mere mortals, just because we don't know anything about subject.
And, we, the regular people, give in and don't question "the professionals".
One of the reason the "professionals" don't screw up us 100% is possibility of lawsuits.

Oxford A-1 tire has been great- right price - the tires we want - fast service - and so many great reviews on this forum in the past

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