Washington MVC

Just a heads up. Washington MVC has closed due to an employee testing positive for covid19 and will reopen on November 7th.

Wish the person a not serious condition. Although my own experience was of waiting for hours I found the workers there to be very professional, informative, and trying their best to get people processed. Hopefully, no more spread there.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
October 28th

Great.... I have to renew my license this week... Randolph is always horrible....

Metsman...Randolph and Flemington are the only licensing agencies...
Newton and Washington are registration and title agencies...

Do it online metsman

Isn’t there dmv in newton? Go there

I renewed my license (upgraded to REAL ID, actually) at Washington in February of this year.

That was pre covid

Some online renewals; much extensions for almost all documents. So, if you can’t do it online, may be some breathing room, time-wise.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
October 28th

Metsman: Do it ONLINE.

Easier and less time for you to be "out among people" !

Drew the Newton agency is registration and titles now...
Randolph and Flemington are licensing agencies...

So if you need a license and registration, you need to go to two different spots?

Hope the police don't catch on to that: "license please, and you'll have to wait for the registration car to get here......" :>)

strangerdanger strangerdanger
October 28th


I guess you missed that on the other MVC thread:


They've been split since August, if not earlier.

Funny comment at the end though. Fortunately, they're letting more people renew their licenses online to "skip the trip". Mine expires Nov. 30, sent my paperwork and payment in last week. Fingers crossed that I'll have a new one before the old one expires.

When I renewed my license online I printed out an interim license(along with a payment receipt) which was good for 30 days ,until the real license is mailed to you . When I did the the online registration renewal I just got a receipt for payment . I recollect Darrin going through the same procedure for registering his trailer online on the other thread .

Going to one place for licenses and another for registrations has been standard practice in PA for a long time. Never made any sense to me.

They also go one place for beer and another for liquor. Another head scratcher.

If you renew it online will it have a picture?

Yes. They use the same one.


As 3wbdwnj stated, they use the same one as on your last license, since they are all stored digitally in the State MVC database, which is how the cop has your picture come up along with your info when he searches your license or registration if you're stopped.

Oh ok I must have missed that. I'll just get it online then.

Just an FYI. I got the license-renewal notice from MVC and tried to renew mine online. I entered my info and got a message that said I was not allowed to renew mine online--no further explanation as to why. Rather than wait in line, I mailed the renewal card and a check to MVC on 10/12. On 10/21, MVC deposited my check (per my bank records), but as of today, I haven't received my new license in the mail.

So, if any of you are planning to renew your license online or by mail, do it ASAP, because it might take a while.

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
October 29th

I did mine today online. They give you a temporary license to print out until the new one arrives.


Glad it worked out well. Much easier than waiting out the lines.

There’s only 9 reasons to go to the MVC in N.J, now that most of what you need can be done online:

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
3 weeks ago

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