HHS Football 2020

In the sh*tshow year that is 2020, why shouldn't high school football results be bizarrre?

HHS loses to Kittatinny by 21...

Kittatinny loses to Lenape Valley by 28...

Lenape Valley loses to HHS by 21.

Can't wait until New Year's... I want to get off the ride.

congrats to the HHS Tigers for working hard!

Jim KIng
October 15th

Ianimal, that's a glass is half full post. 2020? What I see is Kittatinny won, Lenape won, HHS won :)

HHS plays @ Lenape Valley tomorrow night 10/16.

I hope your prediction is right!

Barnacle Bill
October 15th

LOL, thanks Barnacle Bill. I absolutely misread the story linked below. It mentioned winning 28-7 in the same sentence as Lenape Valley and my brain skipped over all the words in between.


I hope the prediction does turn out to be true, but it definitely sounds like a long shot...

This year has been awful. At least they are playing. Spring sports got screwed over. High school sports don't get to make up a year of eligibility like college does.

It was a 42-0 shellacking by Lenape Valley tonight....

The problem with HHS Football is that in the K through 8th grade town league you have a bunch of Daddies running the show and trying to live their life dream through their kids. They don't recognize real talent, they just make sure their kids get the ball and run the show. So the kids with real talent get discouraged and drop out of Football and switch to other sports. Then when they get to HHS for Football the good kids are gone and all that's left are the Daddy kids and they just are not that good now that Daddy isn't running the show. That's from a Dad whos kid loved Football until he was not used, and now is a stud in the XC world!

FormerFootballDad FormerFootballDad
October 20th

Didn't the HHS football team make it to the Sectional Finals a few years back? I don't know if your observation is really valid FormerFootballDad, unless those kids didn't participate in the K through 8th grade program.

The kids with real talent are being recruited by the Clemsons and Alabamas of the world, as early as eighth grade.

Hackettstown has done pretty well over the years (in the current millennium) considering they have not had any "blue chip" athletes who the football factories are drooling to sign. They play with grit and hustle, and sometimes the seniors really play smart. Whenever a Tiger gets into a top notch academic school, I consider that a win.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
October 21st

FormerFootballDad kids are better off picking one sport and focusing on it. My son stopped playing fall and winter sports after 8th grade. He played baseball year round after that and had legendary seasons at HHS setting the single season HR record with 10 and 16 in 2 Varsity season, then moved on to CCM and broke the single season HR record his sophomore year with 18, earning a 2nd team All American nod and serious consideration from one MLB club. That performance earned a D1 scholarship that pays for over 3/4 of his college bill his last 2 years. So maybe it's better your son does XC. It might earn him some scholarship money.

Lots of football kids who are "normal sized" discover lacrosse and get scholarships playing that. There's lots of college lacrosse on TV these days, it's become a money maker.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
October 22nd

More scholarship money is awarded for academic achievement than athletic.

Jim KIng
October 22nd

Good point ... we can't forget these kids are students first and foremost. It is possible to be both a good student and good ballplayer, with good time management, but the academics come first and responsible coaches (who also win) know that :)

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
October 22nd

Jim Klng depends on the sport. I'm sure plenty of football and basketball players get full rides.

Mets. Way more full rides for scholarship.

Jim KIng
October 22nd

And most kids get a small scholarship or nothing and are stuck with a lot of debt after graduation. If you can get a large chunk paid for by whatever means, it's a good thing.

Words to live by.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
October 22nd

I had a scholarship plus work study (stuff like cleaning the pool and locker facilities after the guys had gone back to the dorms) ... also served breakfast and lunches at the cafeteria from time to time ... the work study kept me out of trouble, too busy to do the kind of partying that gets a lot of college jocks into trouble.

Going to community college and then getting this pretty much covered my college tuition and expenses .. so glad God gave me the ability to put a round ball through a round hoop. Went to grad school with the money I saved :)

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
October 23rd

Did Hackettstown win last night?

No they lost to Morris Catholic.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
October 24th

Season over....


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