American Pickers In Great Meadows 8/20/20

American Pickers In Great Meadows 8/20/20

The American Pickers made a stop in Great Meadows today to film a segment at Genes gas station on Rt 46.

Re: American Pickers In Great Meadows 8/20/20

Here is a picture of the pickers in Great Meadows today. They are with the owner Gene.

looks like fun, good luck!

Very cool! I love that show. I know they were in Branchville a few years ago.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
August 21st

they should stop by OSA Electronics on main street hackettstown

August 21st

I love these guys. I always look for their van and here they are 1 mile from my house and I miss them.

Linda Bender Linda Bender
August 21st

Where is Genes gas station? The one by central school?

August 21st

Gene's is further west than the school, maybe a third of a mile past the school. On the right, once you go over the bridge that goes over the old RR tracks, you enter Great Meadows. There is a bigger lot that has alot of trucks in it and a building. Genes is the next building after that.

It looks like an old time gas station close to the road, he used to have many junked cars out front which have slowly gone away over time.

I believe he still does his auto repair business. With all the stuff he has behind the building, behind the fences, I would be curious to see what is back there once the show airs.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
August 21st

I saw them loading an old gas pump into a Ryder truck.

Thank you, rhyme animal. If I’m thinking of the right lot, it’s that building with the cantilevered roof right? Looks like an old gas station close to the road like you mentioned.

August 21st

For us older folks the station was Mike Billick's before Gene bought it. Wood floors in the office area. A real throw back in time.

thehazguy thehazguy
August 21st

I remember when I was growing up, my parents were good friends with the previous owners, Bill & Brenda & their son Mikey! I used to go there all the time! It was really cool inside the station! Brenda even had a skunk that we played with! The good times! Thank you for the memories ♥️

In 1945 my Uncle Joe Sidor llived there with his family and ran the gas station. His son Joseph has the big sign that reads “Joe’s Auto Repair“ I still have a lot of memories from being there with my cousins. Too bad I didn’t know they were going to be there.

Rudy Pasko Rudy Pasko
August 24th

Gene's is across the tracks from Wicki stone

Someone please post when/if they are going to air that episode. Thanks

From the photo, it looks like Mike's brother and Danielle were there.
I don't think they ever send out more than two at a time.

American Pickers is "Reality Television" which is not particularly
close to reality as the rest of us know it. Shows like this seem to
take up most of the History Channel's time these days. They
have the advantage of being cheap and easy to produce.

There are plenty of sources to check out what's real and what
isn't about these shows. It's interesting to look at the photo and
notice the camera man following the folks close behind. But
when we see the episode, everybody will be pretending the
camera (and the sound boom, and the director, etc.) aren't
there. Before the guys arrive, it will have been largely
determined what they're going to find, and what the final
price will be. It may well be that certain things are planted,
but if so, everybody knows about it ahead of time. Maybe
somebody could talk to the guys at that place and get some
good stories about how the show was made. I expect it
will be some time before that bit airs.

I know the show is somewhat faked, but I occasionally
watch it anyway. The two guys are amusing, and they
do show us some fascinating old junk. I also think it's
funny that they occasionally break the fourth wall and
address the audience directly, even though most of the
time they pretend the audience isn't there.

Jim Beckman

James Beckman James Beckman
August 24th

Re: American Pickers In Great Meadows 8/20/20

A picture for Mr. Pasko. The Great Meadows gas station where the American Pickers stopped by last week. This picture is from 1940.

“Before the guys arrive, it will have been largely determined what they're going to find, and what the final price will be. It may well be that certain things are planted...”

I think that’s exactly how this show “works”. None of the on screen price negotiations are real. The producers know ahead of time what will sell, what won’t, and what price is acceptable, then they “script” the rest for TV drama.

You don’t think they’d actually send out the full cast and crew just to dig through boxes of junk covered in mouse poop without knowing ahead of time that there’s an antique motorcycle or some other specific item to buy...

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
August 24th

very cool 1940's picture of the Texaco gas station. (some things never change)

August 25th

@James Beckman - Things communicated one to another [via TV, Movies, News reported, Speeches, Shows, etc.] are always meant to be tailored or edited to be a brief, concise and highlighted thought to inform, entertain, or make whatever point of view one wants to across to another the certain time-slot and attention-span they have to do so.

So would you want or better prefer to see the whole unscripted, unedited 5-10 hours or a raw reel on the days it took for them to research what's there, look through the stuff, hear and see what prices they negotiated for and what's junk not worth to show?

Putting that aside, I'm just commenting or expressing my concern when someone uses the word "faked". Calling something fake is more defined as a lie (they lie/provide false information) or made up out of fiction (act as actors/in a movie).

If so, then I would have to agree with you that the show then "is not particularly close to reality". [Maybe those 'antique' things they find are plastic imitations and/or items they found or bought from elsewhere and planted in someone else's junk yard or garage]. But if it isn't and you're sour because News, TV, Shows, Movies, etc. are not direct live links as things happen, to understand or be communicated or informed of things that happen in life, then you should have your own Check on Reality.

Or kindly provide us with the channels, shows, or links that stream things more "close to reality as the rest of us know it." Thanks. [If we already know it, why would we need to see it, again?]
August 25th

If your someone concerned or inclined watch the 2 most recent episodes, 8/17 & 24. Its a sort of best of the early days before the show. Mike recorded or had someone record him knock on doors, climb junk piles and etc. he mentions they used to cold call on places but now they can’t because of the film crew. Its not mentioned but I don’t believe its a secret they have someone scout the location first, even negotiate prices, but I doubt its for every item. Now Pawn Stars, thats a different story.

Roywhite Roywhite
August 25th

"Now Pawn Stars, thats a different story."

And Storage Wars is even worse.

I remember the days when the History Channel was new,
and it was mostly about actual history. They did tend to
concentrate on WWII, and somebody called it the "All
Hitler All the Time" channel.

James Beckman James Beckman
August 25th

I enjoy watching American Pickers with my husband. I'm sure they do go through things ahead of time and have a camera crew but it's fun to see what they find. That's all real. And it also brings things to both of their stores where you can buy merchandise online.

Before Gene, Mike Billick owned the garage and sold Texico gas --- Used to have a big round tall Texico sign on the side

Looks like you can see that Texaco sign in zipps good pic he attached above.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
August 25th

"I remember the days when the History Channel was new, and it was mostly about actual history"

The Science Channel appears to be following a similar career-arc...

Remember when you could learn something on The Learning Channel.

Roywhite Roywhite
August 25th

Ian and Roy

Well they are owned mostly by the same conglomerate, so I guess, "as goes one, so goes them all".

dcp wrote:
I enjoy watching American Pickers with my husband. I'm sure they do go through things ahead of time and have a camera crew but it's fun to see what they find. That's all real. And it also brings things to both of their stores where you can buy merchandise online.

The show itself also pays rather well for the main characters.
Sources vary a bit, but it seems that Mike gets paid around
$500,000 per year, and Frank pulls down $300,000. It hardly
matters if they make any money off their antique finds.

James Beckman James Beckman
August 27th

Yesterday I drove past that place on 46. My first reaction is that
it's awfully small to make it worthwhile for the Pickers to visit. But
then I saw that there are several semi trailers parked around the
place, and who knows what sort of accumulated stuff might be
in those trailers? Eventually we'll find out, I hope.

James Beckman James Beckman
4 weeks ago

Love this program. It must take alot for them to do to get an episode going.

I, once, saw their van out on Rt 80 several years ago.

James, those numbers seem low for History’s highest rated show. Are you sure it’s not 300k$ and $500k per episode?

3 weeks ago

A quick Google search produced the following. It's online, it MUST be true! LOL

"According to Looper, the salary of the cast members is more than one may think. Wolfe is paid an impressive $500,000 per season of the show, while his partner Fritz makes $300,000 per season. Colby, who is not as featured as Wolfe and Fitz, is paid $15,000 per episode.Jul 9, 2020"

There are over 100 episodes. At a half mill each, they would have made $50 mill. Similar sources quote their net work more like single digits of $ mill.

If it were per episode, what are the chances they've both blown through $45 mill and someone hasn't made a story out of that.

Drove past this today on my way to Washington love looking at my gps that sees the old railroad tracks. this whole area is so rich in history it seems. Always wonder what if was like back in island adventure days and even before there was lots of train action. Sad most of 46 is a mess so much potential.

@GC, I was thinking that too...scratching my head. ~where $50mill is orbit-level to be paid for a show [However, Jay Leno was making $30mill per year doing the Tonight Show...with 4-5mill viewers per night, having/producing a new show each time - No reruns]

So after re-reading the statement, it is saying they [Wolfe & Fritz] are being paid $500,000 / $300,000 per *season*. While Colby gets paid $15,000 per *episode*.
3 weeks ago

Zipp, thank you for the 1940 picture. It was very nice. It was before my Uncle Joe took over the station, I was 6 years old in 1940. It brought back beautiful memories of my life.

Rudy Pasko Rudy Pasko
3 weeks ago

Yesterday (Sept. 9) I drove past the place, and noticed that the early Thunderbird that always sat under cover is gone. Also it seems like some of the other derelict cars aren't there anymore. So maybe the pickers sent haulers to take them away. This should be fun to watch whenever it finally shows up.

James Beckman James Beckman
2 weeks ago

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