Recommend a good place to hire a dumpster

Can anyone recommend a trusted source for renting a dumpster and what I might have to pay. I have no idea and would appreciate any advice or estimations.

Apr '20

I know Waste Managmemt will drop one off but don’t know how much they cost.

Apr '20

40yard dumpster estimate 700-900$

Bhavik Bhavik
Apr '20

Sanico - paid 500 for 30 yard dumpster. 14 day rental. Was easy and painless and Sanico great to deal with.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Apr '20

Montella. I forget what we paid a few years back for a 20yrd but they had best price at the time. Timely drop off and pickup

Apr '20

As an alternative, not sure what you are dumping but Waste Management has "bagster" option with different sizes, prices, etc. 3,300 pounds, guessing that's 50% or less of a full metal casket... Can pick up bags HDespot or Lows, keep em as long as you want....

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Apr '20

Look into LMR disposal out of Phillipsburg. I have them for my garbage and like this company a lot.

Thanks to all who posted, helps me start to think things through a bit.

Apr '20

Hoffman's Supply in Long Valley. Give them a call for prices - they have different sizes of dumpsters.

tmb6123 tmb6123
Apr '20

No matter where you go, read the fine print. Some charge for the Dumpster and then so much per ton for what you put in it. Some charge so much for the dumpster and give you a 2-3 ton limit or more, after which you'll pay so much a ton for the extra weight. All depends on the contract and what you are getting rid of.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
Apr '20

If you can take it to the pcfa in Oxford yourself. I called for a dumpster they wanted $500 brought it to the dump myself $70. Total round trip was 1 hour.

Independent observer Independent observer
Apr '20

I used Gary W. Gray Trucking in Knowlton several times. Can't remember pricing, but they came out the best after quoting several others. Wonderful service too.

Apr '20

Called many of the businesses mentioned today. Heres what I found for a 10/12 yarder delivered and 10-14 day rental:

Gary Gray- 10 yrd, 14 day rental (shortest time) 1.5 tons included $425

Sanico- 12 yd (their smallest) 14 day rental, 1.5 tons included $415

Hoffmans- 10 or 15 yrd (same price) 14 day, $290 for dumpster and $105 for every ton. $450 deposit that they’ll either credit or keep depending on weight.

Waste Management- 10yrd, 14 days, 1.5 ton $771 (yes, SEVEN HUNDRED SEVENTY ONE DOLLARS)

LMR- 10 yrd, 10 days, 1.5 tons, $390

I went with LMR. Customer service girl was excellent and really on the ball.

Mar '21

I always found Blue Diamond to have the best prices.

Bemused Bemused
Mar '21

I just picked a 20 yarder from Bull N Bear for $125 per ton. 2 ton minimum. Add a $275 tipping/trucking fee.$525. I will have it for 4 weeks. I like his containers as the 20 yard container is just 15 feet long not the typical 22 feet for a 20 yard container. Dave is a great guy as well.

Stay away from Montella big rip off
Read the small prints

Connie 1
2 weeks ago

What was the issue? Length of time the container was onsite? That should be discussed prior. Also usually you get charged two tons plus the tipping when you book. Was the container over the 2 tons? Just curious...

ETGI IN Flanders was reasonable

ETGI Flanders. You get what you pay for

You get a reasonably priced dumpster

Before we moved I bought two Bagster and filled them with construction debris and junk from the garage. When I called WM to come get them, they refused to come into the driveway (Even though they had done so a few years earlier). SO my choices were limited. I ended up renting a pick up from Enterprise (Though I should have rented the delivery truck from Home Depot). Picked it up at 5PM, loaded the truck that evening and was first in line at PCFA in Oxford the next morning. Got back to the house and made one more run with the truck and had it back to Enterprise before noon. (They refunded me 1/2 a day.) Rental of the pick up and tipping fee at Oxford was 1/2 the cost of the Waste Management fee for one bag.

Hoffman Supply (908)-876-311

Tiner Construction
6 days ago

I just used Montella - very personable on the phone. I called around first and the others were more expensive and could not deliver as quickly as Montella. The 30 yard dumpster arrived when promised, we filled it in a day - very full, but no additional charge - they allowed 3 1/2 tons.
We'll need a dumpster again and will call Montella first.

Greenie Greenie
4 days ago

Bagsters sure are the devil. Some have become permanent fixtures around town. With their low setup cost and high pickup fee it is bound to happen. Owning or knowing someone who owns a pickup and driving to Oxford is definitely the way to go as mentioned above.

Masks Fortheugly Masks Fortheugly
3 days ago

Al from Etgi in Flanders there is no better service than his

Michigan Michigan
3 days ago

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