Reliable Moving Company

Any ideas of a reliable moving company?

Thank You

Seby Martinez Seby Martinez
April 15th

I used Vernay Movers from Netcong for a local move (6 miles). I was very pleased with their service. We actually moved in two stages a few weeks apart as we hadn't sold the old home and wanted to paint the new one. They do long distance as well I understand but I couldn't comment on that .

Thank you BG

Seby Martinez Seby Martinez
April 15th

D&J is who I recommend!

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
April 15th

I second D & J. So great and local! Arrived on time, moved me and got everything set on the other side. Do yourself a favor... Make sure to call them.

Verney is the worst moving company ever we used them before and they damaged 4 of our bigger pieces of furniture and owner was very nasty and not very willing to help after we complained. Do yourself a favor and don’t use that sewage moving company....

D&J , the best by far, family owned , they take care of every detail, and there local!

I used pods. Bought all the moving supplies needed for a 3 bedroom 2500sqft house move out. Saved $3k and did not damage my own stuff. You can also use pods and buy your own stuff for moving and they have contractors that will do all the heavy lifting which is still wayyy cheaper than moving companies. I got quotes from $4-5k. Those guys are making bank.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
April 16th

I used Fast Moving Company in Hackettstown 4 years ago for a local move (10 miles). They were very flexible and understanding when there were delays with my closing date that caused some challenges with my move. The movers handled the furniture carefully, were careful with the hardwood floors at the house I moved into, and they were attentive to where I wanted my stuff. I did do my own packing and unpacking, so I can't speak to that.

Simonik in Bridgewater. They are under the Allied umbrella. We used them for a local move (Budd lake to Long Valley). Bruce Hartman was the guy we dealt with. His estimate, and he will tell you this, is the worst case scenario. We got almost $800 back within days of the move. Overall, our local move was around $1000, one trip filling one full size truck to the max. They were outstanding and the crew were all friendly and careful.

Keep in mind, the more you can move yourself and the more you pack yourself, the lower the cost. If they have to pack and wrap every little thing for you, that will add to the time and supplies. We took whatever would fit in our suv's in a few trips and wrapped our own mirrors and flat screen tvs and small appliances. If all they have to move is the big furniture and pre-packed boxes, you will save a bunch.

Fast moving in Hackettstown is the best

whatever you do, don't use Dan The Affordable Moving Man. you will wake him up regardless of when you call him. He will yell at you and tell you all his rules. And he will refuse to give you an estimate unless you make a commitment.

if you scroll through reviews, you will see that most have had the same experience and hang up on him during the initial call.

We used Cimply Labor for a local move. They were fantastic and reasonable.

117 State Route 35 S, Suites 6, 7, 8
Keyport, New Jersey
Call (732) 850-8905

cthy1213 cthy1213
April 16th

Thank You everyone

Seby Martinez Seby Martinez
April 17th

I've used Fast Moving twice and they were great. Prices were very reasonable.

Rob Durana Rob Durana
April 18th

I used D&J today. 2 bedrooms, $1160 if you box your own stuff. Very nice, quick, careful. Saved me from a meltdown :)

maja - Glad to hear it went well. What town did you relocate to?

Calico696 Calico696
April 18th

Thanks Calico. Just a bit up the road. Glen Gardner.

Nice! The VFW in Glen Gardner has a pretty nice bar and cheap drinks! Not sure if they are open at noon though. ;-)

Calico696 Calico696
April 18th

Lol, why not noon!? Not much else around here :)

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