I need new tires

I got my last tires at STS. I need recommendations on a new place to go.

Linda Linda
Jul '18

Oxford A-1 Tire. Doug is great.

Calico696 Calico696
Jul '18

+1 Oxford A-1.

Jules Jules
Jul '18

Valley Auto.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
Jul '18

Hackettstown Tire

Quality discount tire on rt46 in ledgewood. Best prices and can get virtually any tire you want. Nothing but good experiences there.

LJRubi LJRubi
Jul '18

Absolutely recommend Doug in Oxford.

Music gal Music gal
Jul '18

Check on tire rack to see what their prices are so wherever you go you have a comparison

Skippy Skippy
Jul '18

Oxford A-1 Tire on Rt.31 in Oxford. Agree with all- I have had good prices and experiences there at Oxford A-1 Tire. Not to be confused with Oxford Tire, which is also on Rt.31, but in Washington, two different stores.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Jul '18

We go to discount tires on 206 in Andover. Best price for tires that we have found. You can call first and get a price, that's what we did.

Hackettstown Discount Tire - across fromm QuikCheck on Mountain Ave. There are literally dozens of endorsements for them on this site.

Thank you, the recommendations sound good. I was wondering has anyone heard anything about Mavis? They took over for STS.

Linda Linda
Jul '18

Re: I need new tires

Haven’t used the Mavis in Hackettstown, but had to get a trailer tire replaced on a Sunday and the one near Cabela’s had it in stock and got me in/out pretty quick for a fair price. Thumbs up at least for that one...

Check their prices and give them a shot.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Jul '18

Linda, if you will be getting new tires, you should also get an alignment done. Most new cars require a front and rear wheel alignment. Something to consider when selecting a location for new tires.

Hackettstown Discount Tire is the place to go in town

Two months ago, I purchased four new tires from Hackettstown Discount Tires. Highly recommend them. Prices fair and competitive ~ service fantastic ~ great to deal with.

gwtwqueenie gwtwqueenie
Jul '18

Always get an alignment done when getting new tires.

I was told by two people in the car business not to use Mavis for alignments.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
Jul '18

Hackettstown Discount Tires across from Quick Check on Mountain Ave. We've been getting tires for our 5 family cars for years and they are a family owned business and have been there for years. Very accommodating and great prices.

Dogmom Dogmom
Jul '18

Hackettstown Discount Tire

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Jul '18

Mavis sucks!!!! Oxford a-1 .. Doug is awesome!!!

Mr. tone Mr. tone
Jul '18

If you are going to get an alignment done as well, use Dimension. They are awesome.

Eperot Eperot
Jul '18

Quality Discount Tire in Ledgewood, the best period.

Costco beats them all for quality,selection, customer service and price.

Thank you all. I have an appointment with Hackettstown Discount Tire tomorrow. I decided to go with the closest one.

Linda Linda
Jul '18

Let's just round the bases with my choice, IMO, :>)

Oxford Tire, although HDTire has equal HOT HL reviews, would try them in a flash. So nice to have quality tire choice after living with STS.... Mavis --- sounds like HL jury still out.

Ray Kozimor on 46 for general auto repairs, spot on, nothing extra, will tell you what's going on and what's mandatory vs. optional. His partner, just as good. Great place, classic local business garage.

Dimension for alignments, frame , unibody checking, or repair --- highly recommended. Saved a few bucks and a few tires here.

Dales Custom Auto Body around the corner from Dimension ---- fantastic, used many times, straight shooter, has done some specials like tethering older driver's fog light frame so when he knocks it off again at least I can find it and put it back in versus buying new....again.....and again.

And Dominoes for gas :>)

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jul '18

Mavis is not good and will try to oversell you! Go to Oxford Tire or Tire Associates (Dan) in Washington NJ 07882. Both are good tire places.

buy them online (tirerack.com) and have them shipped to the installer you choose. i have done this multiple times and have saved more money doing it that way.

Joe Friday Joe Friday
Jul '18

I have had only super positive service at Discount Tire. Very pleasant interactions too.

Susan Cecere
Jul '18

Have to agree with Oxford A-1 Tire! I've been going there for years. Never had an issue with them, ever.

Jul '18

Good choice Linda!

gwtwqueenie gwtwqueenie
Jul '18

Hackettstown Discount Tire has been my go-to for years....and I live in PA. Never had a problem.

Mavis is the old STS brand renamed, as far as I know. From a quality/price standpoint, I was never impressed. Ever.

TireRack is OK, but you might not be saving that much and you might get better suggestions by going to a trusted local place.

jjmonth4 jjmonth4
Jul '18

Ax Mavis.

Hackresident Hackresident
Jul '18

I got new tires at Mavis. I shopped around for the best price on tires and filled out a form on the Mavis website for a price match guarantee. Not only did they match it, but they took a little more off the price. I've never had any issues with Mavis or STS.

smilingbecs smilingbecs
Jul '18

I’m a HTown Discount Tire guy hands-down but the last time they put the wheels back on my wife’s car, every other lug was torqued down WAY too much. I changed my wife’s brakes a few days after getting tires put on and had to stand on the breaker bar and hop a bit to loosen them. I weigh about 190lbs and the lug bolts are specd at 108ftlbs.

The problem is they use and impact gun and “wrap,wrap wrap” the lugs too many times. Then, they go back with a torque wrench but by that time they are already over-torqued.

Still, HDT hasnt failed me on price and have yet to damage a wheel so I just adjust the lugs myself when I get home.

Jul '18

Torqueing is a way of life now... I might even like it over the alternative: I remember once seeing a tire rolling in a field only to recognize it was mine! Find a nice piece of pipe to fit over your tire iron to give you more leverage. My 8-foot one at home cracks the torque in a wink of thy eye! On the road, I use AAA.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jul '18

The lugs on the wheels don't require a large amount of torque. The specs are different for steel and aluminum wheels but generally fall between the 100-130 foot pound range for passenger vehicles. Over torquing can damage both the rim as well as change the pitch of the threads on the stud and or lug. This is very problematic to say the least.

One should always torque a wheel to the correct specification.In addition it should be done in stages and in the typical star pattern. I use a set of torque sticks and regularly compare them to my torque wrench to be sure they are accurate.

Here is one method to buy tires for a good price.

Wait for a sale by discounttiredirect on ebay - such as Memorial Day or Labor Day or ... .

From their ebay store, find the tires you want to get; note the price; and save the ebay "link". Deduct any rebates to get the price you want matched.
Note the ebay price includes delivery.

Phone Mavis and ask them for a "price match".
Over the years, they have always price matched.

Once they agree to price match, it take a few days for the tires to be delivered to the store of your choice.
They phone you when ready for installation.

For example, over Labor Day, discounttiredirect was selling (4) AVID Ascend, 225/65R17 for $414.
Mavis matched the price and quoted $480+tax out the door - the difference being installation/balancing.

Note that on installation day Mavis will try to sell you add-ons; front end alignment; warranty; struts; shock absorbers.
Personally, I don't want Mavis doing any work other than tires so I gracefully say No Thanks.

djdowd djdowd
Sep '18

Walmart in Mt Olive. Tires are not old (very important and easily checked if you look up how). Fast service, good prices.

Sep '18

Does anyone know if Hackettstown Discount Tires does alignment as well? I need two front tires and an alignment (my one front tire is in the red)... After reading reviews I'd like to go there, but the website doesn't say if they align. Has anyone had experience in getting a wheel there as well (rim)?
Consigliere has me a little nervous about the torquing now but I'm still going to give them a shot.

Chele13 Chele13
Oct '18

Hackettstown Discount Tire does not perform alignments.

I recommend Roy at Dimension for all you alignment needs!


Valley Tire and Auto on Main St. in Hackettstown.
Great people- great service- great pricing.

Stymie Stymie
Oct '18

Ted is great, However he does not perform alignments either. He recommends Roy at Dimension for alignments.

Thanks everyone. I ended up getting two new tires at Hackettstown Discount and then THEY drove it over to Dimension for the alignment - both on same day.. Everyone was so nice. Very happy and will continue to use both shops in the future.

Chele13 Chele13
Nov '18

Does anyone have any opinion / experience with Cooper Tires?

happiest girl
2 weeks ago

Cooper is affordable but they wear out quick! I had a set of touring CS5 wear out in 15K with a spot on alignment. They do make some really good snow tires.

Check reviews on tire rack.

Sacks cousin
2 weeks ago

I actually have had great experience with General Tires. They are reasonably price wear well and get some great reviews on Tire Rack. When the Dunlops I have that came with wear out, and with only 32,000 miles on them wear out soon. I will be putting on General tires.

2 weeks ago

“Cooper is affordable but they wear out quick! I had a set of touring CS5 wear out in 15K with a spot on alignment.“

I had a set of all terrain Coopers go 42K miles on a 4WD F150 with an OK alignment. They still had life left but winter was coming up in a couple months. (They were not LT, but regular P-rated.)

It all depends on the actual tire model, every brand has great tires and duds. I may go back to the same Cooper AT3’s next time because I’m not loving the Nitto Terra Grapplers I have on there now.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
2 weeks ago

Hankook tires are a good deal. My preference is Michelin.

I've been a fan of B.F. Goodrich tires for many years now and have fitted them to each of my vehicles and my ex's. Back when Ford Explorers had the replacement program for the original Bridgestones they were one of the approved replacement tires that you could order for replacement. After they were installed, I found them to be much better handling and quieter on the highway than the originals. She never had any traction or handling issues with them either and got plenty of mileage out of them too.

Ok, so like most brands, tire companies have high end tires and low end tires.

That said, the three most respected brands for passenger cars are:


Next tier (again, for passenger car tires) are:


After that is a jumble Asian brands:


Bottom tier would be brands like:

Tiger paw

Good luck

2 weeks ago

Tire Associates in Washington is fair and does a great job.

Remember what our parents said:
Don't buy cheap, don't buy expensive, buy in the middle:)
Ask for Dan he owns it:

Phone: (908) 689-1488

Don, Quality is good as well.

I ended up just writing down the tire size and make for my Hyundai Santa Fe and ordered 4 from Amazon, cheapest place available for my particular tire. Think it was 330$ shipped for 17" tires. Then around 100$ for the mount and balance.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
1 week ago

Costco; BJs; or Sam's Club.

Best prices anywhere.

Hackresident Hackresident
1 week ago

Thanks AJMS for your Tire Associates recommendation, I went yesterday and per my request Dan gave me various price quotes on different tires. I went with the middle priced one. Dan was extremely nice and very fair and honest.

1 week ago

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