Aqui Supermarket Califon

We went to the new Aqui down in Califon yesterday. What a beautiful store with tons of interesting products. I have no idea who’s doing their regular shopping there as some of the prices are insane. But the meats, fish and produce look great and they’re putting in a Cuban cafe. Worrh a stop if you haven’t checked it out.

Otto Man Otto Man
Feb '18

I just found out about the new store last week. Thank you for the review. I will be stopping in.

happycamper happycamper
Feb '18

Well, I’m happy to have a new store! Especially one that looks as beautiful as this one does. Shame it’s at least 20 mins from my house.

1988LJ 1988LJ
Feb '18

We have been really pleased with the produce. Regular groceries (water, cereal etc...) not competitvely priced but they are also still working through the opening pains. They did a great job restoring the old A&P. Nice for us up on Schooley’s Mountain to have another choice, especially for good quality and reasonably priced produce.

Chefpilsy Chefpilsy
Feb '18

The store has no website. So, I do not think I will make the trip.

troothteller troothteller
May '18

Outrageous pricing. They wont last long.

Mac 777 Mac 777
Aug '18

the place has more and more people going to it - though never more than 3 checkouts open. Meat pricing is pretty fair I think.
$6 above everyone else for Bubba Burgers is ridiculous though. It's there for convenience, not weekly family shopping.

Great selection of sausages. All we tried, were great. Hot Spicy Mexican was my favorite.

Embryodad Embryodad
Aug '18

We stopped in and couldn't believe the selection. This was way nicer than we expected although I don't know how they will stay open unless more people shop there. The prices were high on some things and not on others. Like anywhere else you gotta look for the specials. The meat department was AMAZING!

Aug '18

I love this place. The fruits and veggies were great and great prices ! The vegan alternatives were amazing!!

dismom dismom
Aug '18

Visiting from Florida this week, and I had the opportunity to stop into Aqui for the first time to get groceries for my daughter. Immediately I was impressed by the bakery/deli and cafe setup upon entering. The produce department was beautiful and extremely clean, with each item displayed like a jewel. The only complaint I had was the $12 price on the same strawberries I buy for $4 at my local Tampa Publix. The meat Dept. looked great, and the standout in fish was the Alaskan King Salmon, a caviar of salmon. This place could give Publix (our Wegmans) a run for it's money in Florida. Best of luck to this store.

Jeanne Donnelly Jeanne Donnelly
Feb '19

We've been meaning to check this place out, just haven't gotten there yet... it would be good to have a place with GOOD organic produce, as Shoprite is marginal in this dept. This week, they had a whole PILE of organic avocados that were so ripe they were rotten... I almost put my finger through one just trying to pick it up.

Even if their (Aqui) other prices are high, I'll gladly go and pay for a really good produce and meats selection. Better than driving to Whole Foods in Morristown, Wegmans in Allentown, or Trader Joes in Florham Park...

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Feb '19

Get a membership to BJ's in Ledgewood and Costco in Wharton ! you can get a $25 discount online Groupon or Amazon.

In BJs, you can get a free 3-month membership 2 times per year. The ad is in those flyer envelopes t hat come a few times a year.

Hackresident Hackresident
Feb '19

Checked out Aqui last week on a Saturday. Store was dead. It's nicely laid out & I like the produce & meat section. Unfortunately it's pretty pricey & while I was only picking up a few things for dinner, I would not go there again due to the high cost plus it's a half hour drive from Panther Valley. I wish them luck.

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