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Does anyone have any experience with either The Maids and/or Molly Maids? I'm wondering how they are and about cost (The Maids quoted us a price much higher and I'm wondering if this is an indication of quality). Additionally, does anyone have any suggestions about other maid services? Thanks in advance.

Jan '16

I personally love The Maids... I have house sat for my sister numerous times when they have been there and the girls do an amazing job everytime. They are a little pricey but it is definitely worth it.

Hktownmom Hktownmom
Jan '16

Delmis cleaning services 973-713-3257 right in town

intown intown
Jan '16

Try Budget Home Cleaning. 908-850-4993

botheredbyuu2 botheredbyuu2
Jan '16

If you are looking for a local cleaning person, I am available. I clean on evenings after 5:30 and on saturdays starting at 7 am. I live in Alaamuchy and I am dependable. If you don't like my cleaning then tell me you don't want me to come anymore. At least give me a call and we can talk. 908-914-2510.

Jan '16

We have used the Maids fairly regularly over the past few years in several homes. They have always done a great job. We have hardwood floors in just about every room and I love how my floors look when they leave. My kitchen and bathrooms sparkle. You can pick what rooms you want them to clean if you didn't want to do your entire house. Usually a team of 4 and they charge by the hour. I am sure a bit pricier than others but I have never been disappointed. The one time we had a small issue, they came back the next day to correct.

This is the number is use (973) 448-1888.

BrandyB BrandyB
Jan '16

Beachee Clean 908 625-2650

inverrary inverrary
Jan '16

Avoid the Maids like the plague unless you enjoy paying a ridiculous amount of money. Call Beachee Clean and you can't go wrong.

Larry Larry
Jan '16

Unfortunately, I can't support the merry maids. They were over priced and didn't do a good job. They were in and out too quick. It didn't surprise me. The person I use is awesome. I if anyone needs a referral I'd be happy to share.

I can certainly vouch for Budget Home Cleaning. They are family owned and truly care about their customers needs.

positive positive
Jan '16

908-645-2686 cleaning with a personal touch.!!!! Contact me references available

Margaret Margaret
Jan '16

We've used Budget for 10+ years and couldn't be happier. Jacque and Bill are the most customer service oriented business owners you could possibly work with. They accommodates our constantly changing schedules and make us feel as though we are their #1 customer. They do a great job, always consistent, thorough and they are very respectful of our property and pets.

They worked with us to create a customized program for our home.

We did not have a great experience with the Maids but that was many, many years ago.

I have never had anyone clean my house, but my friend uses Beachee Clean and raves about them.

Heidi Heidi
Jan '16

I have never had anyone clean my house either...But, its nice to think that maybe one day I will.. P.S. I have heard that Beachy Clean is a very good cleaning agency..

joyful joyful
Jan '16

I didn't have a great experience with Beachee Clean. They cancelled on me four times over the course of a few months, always last minute. The last time they were supposed to come they just never showed and I never heard from them.

Re: Cleaning Services

This girl was great! Used her service a few times. Great price very affordable. She will work with your budget.She also uses products I never saw. I think they are organic not sure but I never saw my tables shine so much.They look brand new,it's amazing.She also is fully insured.Have recommended to many friends.Give her a call.You won't be disappointed .(973) 580-2544

Louise Louise
Jan '16

You've recommended "this girl" to many friends and you don't mention her name?

You let her use products that you don't recognize?

I've cleaned house for ten years. I'm honest, reliable and trustworthy. I have a opening on Monday only. References available if desired.

Roxanne Roxanne
Jan '16

This is an old post but I am currently looking for a good reliable honest and reasonable cleaning person. We live in the Hackettstown area. I do not need the whole house cleaned on a regular basis. Just the main areas (i.e. kitchen, main bath, half bath, living room, one bedroom, etc.) (twice a month maybe?). I wouldn't need the additional bedrooms and living areas cleaned every time; maybe just once a month or every other month? I guess this can all be discussed :). If you know someone or if you are a cleaning person, please lmk. Thanks.

I second Beachee Clean. Excellent service & results. 625-2650

Out of curiosity, what is the round about cost for someone cleaning your house?

shady shady
May '17

I don't like Cleaning Companies! One day its one crew next cleaning another, you never know who's going to clean your home. In my home the only person is Julie. She does always done a great job. My Mom has cancer, four teenagers, a dog and my retail work .... its just no time for clean. She is awesome. I if anyone needs a referral I'd be happy to share. Her phone is 908-3439116

Busymom Busymom
May '17

shady - I pay $120 for a 3 bedroom house.

MC - sent you a PM.

Sparkle Home Cleaning
Used her many times. She did a great job. Very Professional and fully insured.
Many of my friends use her and love her work.Her name is Marianna # 973-580-2580

Helen Helen
May '17

Thank you; appreciate it. Plan to call the people you referred.

MB - what company do you use? I was quoted much higher for some other companies.

rose123 rose123
May '17

MB, how frequently? Also, the number of bedrooms is kind of immaterial to the amount of cleaning that might be required. Square footage is a more accurate assessment, or total number of rooms. We almost bought a 3 bedroom house in H-town 9 years ago that was a heck of a lot smaller than the 2 bedroom townhouse we ended up with.

Tracy Tracy
May '17

The person I use is Yadira Ramirez. Her number is 908-343-5781. She is the BEST.

We had used Beachee Clean for several months and were not happy (my gripes are in another post above).

Tracy - once a month.

MB, I've used Beachee over the years but had to take a break due to financial reasons. I'm positive that your experience with them was due to you probably being a difficult pain in the ass customer. You just can't please everyone.

FredFinger FredFinger
May '17


I'm glad you had a good experience. My biggest complaint with them is that they cancelled at the last minute all the time. Even if that is because they thought I am a pain (which I doubt because I only spoke to them once outside of scheduling appointments), it still doesn't excuse the lack of professionalism.

I sent you a pm a couple of days ago. If you are interested, please contact me. Thanks.

Vicinity Vicinity
May '17

I'm having a very hard time reaching someone at Beachee Clean. I have called and left messages and nobody calls back!

rose123 rose123
May '17

Anyone recommend someone who isnt with a cleaning crew and is very reliable and trustworthy and also a detail cleaner and not a surface cleaner? I know many of you referred many cleaners but how good do they aucally clean? I know many people who have cleaners and there out of their house in less than 1 hour which makes no sense to me cleaning my house takes over 4 hours!

Sunshine971 Sunshine971
Jul '17

Maybe it takes you 4 hrs Sunshine971 but when you hire a service they are focused on cleaning and aren't distracted by other household issues such as the phone ringing, laundry, kids, etc. most services are organized and have a plan where they start in your home and finish. Asking a service to spend 4hrs is laughable and really who wants someone in your home that long.

Petunia Petunia
Jul '17

They usually have 4 people teams, so it never takes that long. The do this all day, every day, so they have their routine down pat.

Petunia - most people are not home when they are there cleaning.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Jul '17

By myself I could get a 4 hour house down to 3 hours easy and that was working alone. I've also worked with a crew and it's amazing how fast it can get done and that was a pretty detailed cleaning.

littlelu littlelu
Jul '17

Hi! My name is Blanca I clean houses, I'll be very happy to help if anyone is still looking for a cleaning service.
You can reach me at 908-343-1063 for a free estimate, I have references available.

blanca's cleaning blanca's cleaning
Jul '17

I have had various cleaning ladiies at my house. They will never do a great job like yourself. It is just dusting not getting into corners or furniture etc. As well as vacuuming and mopping floors. They are so quick that it will never be perfect. That is my personal opinion especially if you are particular on how clean your house is.

Leslie Leslie
Jul '17

Leslie I totally agree with you! Im trying to find the person who gets in corners moves furniture etc and not just a surface cleaner but thats hard to find lol

Happy697 Happy697
Jul '17

Bumping up this thread in hopes of any new/updated recommendations since 2017? Need to find a temporary cleaner due to a medical issue. Someone who won't mind dog hair would be good :-) Thanks!

hktownie hktownie
Oct '19

Lisa cleans and pet sits for me. She is awesome and completely animal friendly!

Weebiekins Weebiekins
Oct '19

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