Stolen bike on Willow Grove Street

Stolen bike on Willow Grove Street

At approximately 2:45pm this afternoon I had a Fuji 12 speed road bike in front of my house chained to a large rolling cart with a large for sale sign on it. I was working in my garage and checking every once in a while to see if anyone had stopped, ( I can see from my garage ). I checked at about 2:30pm and about 2:45pm I walked out to my driveway to bring in the rack and bike. Someone had unbolted the chain and took the bike. If you happen to be reading this , that big sign that said FOR SALE did not mean free. The bike is over 30 years old and in great shape. I had it advertised on h’town life classified ads. I do realize that locks only work for honest people, but this sucks just a little. I made a police report on it, but I doubt that I will see that bike again. I’m just venting, thanks for listening.

Should have known Should have known
2 weeks ago

Re: Stolen bike on Willow Grove Street

That blows.

Same thing happened to me with my 1983 Yamaha IT250 dirtbike when I had it out for sale in Landing, just outside of Lake Hopatcong.

I hope you find your bike....and the thief- cut off his hands...and break his ankles.

Sorry to hear Should Have Known. It is really unfortunate that we must really take all precautions we can these days. Clearly you did and still some crook did what they wanted anyway. I agree with the removal of hands and ankle breaking. I abhor thievery....

Josh- That bike looks a bit big for you in that pic! LOL I too had 2 different bikes stolen when I was young. A Husqvarna 250 and an RM 125 both at different times and both while the bikes were at different friends houses. One of the friends had their bike stolen along with mine. That was back in the 80's. I still look for them on Craigslist! LOL.

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Re: Stolen bike on Willow Grove Street
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