Nearby Restaurants on Water

Any recommendations for nearby dinner restaurants (maybe within 30 min drive of htown) that are on a body of water with great outdoor seating? Body of water can include anything like a river, pond, lake, etc!


DinnerWithAView DinnerWithAView
3 weeks ago

Search restaurants on Lake Hopatcong. There are dozens.

Andre's Lakeside in Sparta - on a small lake, BYO & has casual Wednesdays. Reservations needed for outside.

Waters Edge. InHouse is on a charming stream.

Lola's, if you like Mexican.

only one truth only one truth
3 weeks ago

Stone Water on Lake Hopatcong has nice outdoor seating on the lake. The whole menu is available for lunch including lunch specials. I’ve never been there for dinner

The Windlass, Jefferson House, and Stone Water are all on Lake Hopatcong. Alice's is near there as well, but I don't think it's right on the water.

htown resident htown resident
3 weeks ago

Water's Edge still has the deck on the Pequest, right?

Re: Nearby Restaurants on Water

River Mill View in Clinton has a patio along the Raritan River, the tables along the side closest to the river are nice.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
3 weeks ago

Sheridans lodge in Newton

babbit - Yes.

Calico696 Calico696
3 weeks ago

Barn Restaurant
Randolph 07869

Ed, how are the prices at the North Shore House?

Churriscaria has river tables

"Ed, how are the prices at the North Shore House?" Figure about $100/person with drinks.

Churrascarria Paladar
Brazilian Steakhouse. Small waterfall in back.
2 US Highway 46, Hackettstown, NJ 07840-2601
+1 908-813-1700

We had a great meal at Churrascarria Paladar a month or so ago. I need to try the patio.

Il Porto on the boardwalk on Lake Mohawk in Sparta.

Percy- if that's the mexican place next to the liqueur store-

My wife and I went there by invitation a few weeks ago after my nephews graduation and have zero complaints.

The food, atmosphere and service were excellent.

We just don't drive that far in that direction very often.

The Mexican place in Sparta is not overlooking the water - it's call Boneyard & I've heard good things about it. It Porto is Italian & actually on the water.

North Shore of what? Lake Hopatcong?

ianimal ianimal
2 days ago

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