Large male black bear Deer Park

I was with my family hiking up the trail towards Deer Park pond (parked on Waterloo, crossed the road and entered the park). As we got to the wooded footbridge about .5 miles from the road a VERY large male was sitting on the footbridge. What was shocking to me was he wasn’t, in any way, afraid or skittish. I’ve been hiking and trail running the woods around here for 15 years and have never encountered a bear that wasn’t afraid of humans. I’m not sure if someone has been feeding him but he was huge and, again, had no fear of a group of 4 humans. This is a very dangerous combination. Please be careful if you’re out in that area.

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the heads up.

If you don't mind sharing, where exactly on Waterloo is the trail to Deer Park? We found out the hard way that the main road in is now closed to the public!

3 weeks ago

No way a black bear in a large state park ! Who would have thought. Especially since the state relocates black bears to that park lol

How do you know it was a male??

Bear, you need to work on your reading comprehension skills. I didn’t make this post because there was a large bear. I made this post to warn others that he was not skittish and run away from humans as they all have my entire life. If you want to be a smartass, you need to at least be smart first, ya chooch.

3 weeks ago

DadOf3 it was 100% a male based on size alone. He was easily 400-500 pounds. A big female is 200-250lbs. Also he was by himself which doesn’t always mean a male but this time of year females are usually with their cubs.

3 weeks ago

Ha ha. Deer park bears usually don’t care about people. That’s my back yard. A lot of the trails are from atvs back in the 8Os and 90s. You’re welcome for those trails. Nothing new about bears. Always had bears just a lot more now and will continue to get worse unless hunted.

Bear, take the deer first.

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