The Old Hackettstown Mall

Two questions:
Was there WT Grants in the space that became Kmart??
What was the box store that was in the space that became Marshall’s?

When the mall opened, it was Grant City until they all went out of business, then Kmart came in, Where Marshalls was, the entrance was on the opposit when it was a Grand Union, then closed and changed to Basics food store, after they closed a Shelbys department store went in

sally jo sally jo
4 weeks ago

Yes Grant's was there, there was a Grand Union in that Marshall's spot and other things years ago.

Also a movie house.

Yes-Basics!!! Thank you sally jo!

What seems like a life time ago I had to setup a Sam Goody store in the mall in the 90’s

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
4 weeks ago

Reynolds was in the mall. And a card shop. And I remember the movie theater in the early 1990s+. And K-Mart.

Hackresident Hackresident
3 weeks ago

There was an appliance store, Berts clothing store, Baron's card store, Singer store, pharmacy (I think it was a Rite Aide), Rockway Sales, record and tape store, hair salon, Reynolds clothing store, Grants and KMart, Doe Den (Clothing store) a jewerly store, a couple of shoe stores, a pet store, Sam Goody, a Picadilly restaurant as well another resturant but I don't remember the name.

Outside of the mall was a Grand Union and a Basics, barber shop, Mama's Pizza, a liquor store and a bar.

Not to bad, considering I don't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

What I remember from the 90's....

Marshalls was on one end. On the same end there was a hair cutting place, Afterthoughts, Payless...cannot remember what else...

Walking through the mall, there was Sam Goody, Barbara's Pantry, Roman (?) Pizza, Reynold's, A bookstore, Footlocker, Baron's Hallmark, Joanne Fabric and at the end, Kmart. I'm sure I am missing some stores...anybody remember?

Everybody’s. I still have a few Christmas ornaments I bought there


ImOnSaxton ImOnSaxton
3 weeks ago

Radio shack too.

JoAnn Fabrics, Sam Goody, Roman Delight Pizza, Payless, GNC, Cutting Crew, Kmart, Reynolds, Fashion Bug, Barbara's Pantry, Hallmark, Walden Books, Claire's Boutique, Foot Locker. Kmart diner, movie theatre...My husband remembers Mama's and the arcade. Then Marshalls came in.

kelleo22 kelleo22
2 weeks ago

There was Dress Barn and a jewelry kiosk.

Malldays Malldays
2 weeks ago

We enjoyed the different craft shows and being given a key to open the treasure chest. We actually won twice when the key we had opened the lock. Santa appearing there and, I believe the Easter Bunny. What a nice way to spend a Saturday or Sunday, grab a slice of pizza, meet neighbors and enjoy ourselves and of course do some shopping. Miss it all.

Just wondering Just wondering
2 weeks ago

Fashion Bug was also in the Mall one of my favs back then, People Bank was in the mall with a drive up out in the parking lot, Dr SKlar was by the movie theater and a laundromat

Mom of 1 Mom of 1
1 week ago

Here is something many may enjoy here. A video of Santa saying hi to everyone in the Hackettstown Mall

MakoMiller1984 MakoMiller1984
1 week ago

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