Residential Pool - Annual Life Span: 3 Months

About 2 years ago, our family purchased a Bestway Power Steel 14' x 8'2" x 39.5" oval above ground pool for around $850.00. We then spent $5,000.00 dollars or more to fence in our back yard. It then cost us almost $2,000.00 to install a designated outdoor electrical outlet for the pool filter for this put up/take down temporary pool.

During our recent town inspection we were told that we needed to have a safety ladder, the one provided with the pool was not compliant. The town would not provide a brand name or model number, as it was deemed inappropriate for them to recommend products. So, we purchased what we thought would be appropriate at a cost of $250.00. A rolling panel came down to hide the outer ladder steps and the panel had a lock mechanism at the appropriate height.

We were also told that we needed to put slats in our neighbors chain link fence so that a child could not climb over their fence and squeeze through our bushes and get into our pool. We did so at a cost of close to $500.00.

Anyway, after all this time, effort and money, we are still not approved. We are being told that the ladder is not sufficient. The ladder the town wants us to have is self closing and self locking and runs around $2,000.00.

Are other towns in the surrounding area as strict? This is really frustrating. I feel as though I see pools up all over Hackettstown. I can't imagine everyone having to go through what we did. I can't imagine people spending $2,000.00 on just a ladder. Again, this is a temporary pool. It'll be taken down by September.

Any affordable advice or suggestions?

Only positive in this situation is that my neighbor's backyard looks more beautiful.

just a thought, take the ladder out of the pool (the original lightweight ladder) when not in use and put the ladder in a shed or garage?

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4 weeks ago

We had a 24' round pool in Hackettstown which we built a deck with a locking gate that passed inspection and worked for over 10 years until we so0ld the house.

In Indy, I put my fence with a gate that swung both ways. Inspector said no no. Kid could lean on it, push it in, and all is lost..... Don't mention that the nearest kid is a half mile away and the land is really hard to get to.... I get it.

SO --- I drilled a hole in the fence gate pole and installed a large bolt sticking four inches over the entry sidewalk at kid-eye height. The gate would no longer swing in and I passed inspection.

Thirty feet down the fence was another two-section gate that swung both ways with a latch two feet above ground level...... No issues.

I said thank you and removed the bolt to protect my kid's eyes. Twenty-five years later and no kid has ever leaned their way into the pool.

Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it. If you push back, it just can get too muddy.

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