looking for a car trailer rental

I need to rent a strong car trailer. My Expedition ( Pick-up weight) is in VA. I want to bring it home. We have a dually Pick-up for towing. Does anyone know who might have a trailer for rent ??? Most likely over a weekend.

Thomas M McHugh Thomas M McHugh
2 weeks ago

Glenn is one of the nicest people you will meet. The best there is in the business and right here in Nectcong just behind the State Police Barracks.

I strongly urge you call them. Just a note, they are closed on the weekends.


U Haul has trailers although you may have to wait for them to get one available.

I'm not sure U haul offers car hauling trailers. I don't believe so. They have enclosed and utility trailers up to 12 feet or so. I needed a car trailer last June and looked at quite a few places. Glenn at Traileroutlet was the best option in our area. Grand Rental has them as well.

How much is a rental trailer and gas for a duelly? You could hire a transport company (open carrier) for $600 or so.

1 week ago

Uhaul absolutely has car trailers. I've rented them before and they have worked out great. Performance Trailers (traileroutlet.com) are crooks for sales, rentals and service.

Roger S.
1 week ago

It appears U-Haul does have what they call auto transport trailers. I recall that they did not have one in the area for when I needed it. It would not be suitable for the OP as the weight of an Expedition exceeds the capacity of U Haul trailer.

As I stated, we have the best place around with Glenn at Traileroutlet They are top notch in quality and integrity.

trailer outlet is $150 a day for a 10k trailer.
no tow dollies on site.

Tractor Supply Washington

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