Who can level a ac unit laying on bricks

Bricks are slipping due to ground erosion.

Any handyman, landscape person, HVAC contractor. Nothing complicated about it at all. There are usually a few ads for folks listed in the classifieds.
The tough part is getting someone at a fair price. That is such a small job requiring not much time it makes it tough for someone to want to come out. Perhaps if you have some other odds and end projects even lawn care or other landscaping need, you can bundle them together.

If it's just loose bricks, that's not a good thing. I would bring in an HVAC contractor to put a real pad down and get it done right. If it's on brick masonry, then a mason even though they are tough to get a hold of.

I am a local HVAC contractor (Hackettstown/Mansfield) and would be happy to take a look at it for you (at no charge) to see what needs to be done and how much it will cost. You can message me with your details.
I WOULD NOT have a handyman or landscaper fuss with your condensing unit.

Wasn't it an HVAC contractor that originally put it on bricks?

Re: Who can level a ac unit laying on bricks

Joe z I don't know just bought the house.this is what it looks like

Looks like a concrete slab with brick border to me...

ianimal ianimal
1 week ago

Jim65 - Picture sure helps. There are bricks around it but that looks like it's on a concrete slab. The bricks are just cosmetic. You could take them out, level out the ground including some sand if needed, and then put them right back. But it doesn't look like you need to do anything with the HVAC.

....and if the slab is sinking- I've seen Youtube video of something like spray foam being sprayed under sidewalk to raise them back up.

Unsure of the details...but looked like it worked.

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Re: Who can level a ac unit laying on bricks
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