Traffic lights

Why are all the traffic lights in Hackettstown being replaced?????

So you can get to the other side.

rob the roofer rob the roofer
6 days ago

But I got to the other side with the old traffic lights

Waiting for the solar panels to be installed and hooked up. LOL!

Ah...but what does a yellow light mean?

6 days ago

They are being upgraded that’s why

They seem to be badly placed by the 4 corners intersection under sagging overhead electrical wires.

The Lorax
6 days ago

Once they remove the old signals the wires won’t be hanging like they are

The sagging wires were done at the start of the construction. I’m sure they’ll be gone at the end. What was reason the existing lights needed to be replaced?

It’s called maintenance or upgrading

Typically the lights are changed out for LED. However most have been done quite some time ago. I actually bought a few of Easton's reserve stock of incandescent traffic lights that were never installed.

In this case obviously the new traffic lights are simply part of the overall project upgrades conducted by DOT at those intersections here in town over the past several months.

@indie it’s part of the reconfiguration of a few intersections in town , 57/rt 182 mtn ave , east ave and 46 , 5 corners intersection and then grand and high all got upgraded with new lights , eventually those spots will get milled and paved

Is that a left on green arrow light going from 46 to 517?

2 days ago

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