Brightspeed Phone Co. Voicemail

Are any of you having problems with your landline voicemail since Centurylink transferred to Brightspeed?

Wonderful 1 Wonderful 1
3 weeks ago

Have they installed their fiber optic yet?

BrightSpeed is migrating to a new voicemail system. Old voicemails will not be transferred! As per BrightSpeed, the old voicemail platform and the new voicemail platform are technically incompatible eliminating our ability to retain existing voicemail settings nor any messages that may be saved in the voicemail box. I called their helpless desk to complain and was provided instructions to enable a feature to forward voicemail to email set up on the existing platform. I followed the instructions. Several days later access to the old voicemail was disabled no longer having access old voicemails. Good luck!

Dan, I appreciate your reference to the “help” desk…I’m on my third try with them. I knew about losing old messages, but now I can’t get into the recent ones. Their temporary fixes for me only lasted a week. Thanks again for the chuckle and info.

Wonderful 1 Wonderful 1
3 weeks ago

Hard to imagine incompatible voice mail systems. They have been on standards and able to be networked for decades. At worst case, standards should allow voice clips to be saved off line and played via standard pc players.

I am pretty sure it’s an operational choice they made to save time and money. And then they blamed technology.

Just saying. Not that it changes the results.

Wonderful, the saga continues and affirms my opinion of the helpless desk. I finally received a call back from BS. A repair person left a message stating that my new voicemail service should be in operation. The problem I reported was not having access to the old voicemail messages with the instructions they previously provided!

When accessing the new system, select option "0" to temporarily access the old voicemail box. Called 877-863-7724, entered my pin and and hear your voicemail has been disabled.

Dan, my scenario as well. With my third call the other day, they reset my PIN and once again gave me the 877 number to call to access my voicemail. I asked how long this temporary fix will last before my voicemail becomes disabled again….last time it lasted a week. This is just one of life’s minor annoyances. Good luck, Dan.

Wonderful 1 Wonderful 1
3 weeks ago

The new voice-mail system is a disaster..Have spent days with tech support with no positive results.

Vincent Sordello Vincent Sordello
2 weeks ago

Try works for me to get into brightspeed voicemail

Disaster is a kind way of saying their gross incompetence!

The 55# no longer works, will not accept PIN number. To check voicemail, I now must dial a ten digit number beginning with 877. Then enter the PIN number they assigned.

Wonderful 1 Wonderful 1
2 weeks ago

You have to set up your voice-mail again...atleast for me

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