Natural & Non-Pharmaceutical Tick Treatment for Dogs

Does anybody have experience or a recommendation for
a natural and effective tick preventative, that they have used on their dog?
Or perhaps you know of a friend or relative who uses a natural remedy on their dog?

I would love and appreciate any recommendations.
If it is relevant, the breed of dog I have is a border collie. I read that Nexguard is NOT recommended for collies.

Thank you and Happy Spring : )

I don't recommend any of the tick products, as they are all pesticides.

There is a lyme vaccine for dogs now, but the research I have done, my dogs won't be getting it.

Your best best is to check out this website, and see what they have to say, they have alot of articles available to read online :

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
3 weeks ago

I second Jefferson.
You can also try this site:

Rose Geranium essential oil. Also, rub food grade diatomaceous earth into your dog's fur. Just make sure to do it outside and don't let yourself or the dog breath it in.

only one truth only one truth
3 weeks ago

We have had good luck with Nantucket Spider Natural, Deet-free Bug Repellent for Dogs. Active ingredients are all essential oils. They also make others for people and one that is a tick repellent.

I know someone that either used a flea & tick collar, or put something on the dog's skin, and the dog became paralyzed and couldn't walk. I recommended acupuncture and a liver cleanse, and he dog lived a while (months? years, i don't recall).

Hackresident Hackresident
2 weeks ago

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