Chinese takeout

Prior comments are from 2020. Appreciate recommendations.

Asian Kitchen is our favorite!
They use quality ingredients, and the food is delicious!!!
They are located in Riverside Plaza, the little mall across from Kohls and Marshals.

Got to hear from others on AK ---- thought some loved, some not so much.

We still use Hunan Wok in Port Colden strip mall with DMV in it. Can't explain why, but seems always consistent and we like the taste. From Great Meadows not that much farther and a nicer drive.

Asian Kitchen gets my vote as well!
And they will custom your food - for instance they tend to be light on the sauce ( which is healthier ) but you can ask for extra sauce which gets posted right on your order receipt. And anything else, for instance like extra spicy.

happiest girl
March 19th

Asian Kitchen in Washington is fantastic as well!

I like the Chinese Restaurant in Hastings Square the best.

Hackresident Hackresident
March 19th

Babbiit, when I worked in Washington I went to that Hunan Wok frequently. I liked their food. Now that I'm retired, I was wondering if the one by Mansfield Shoprite is as good. I'm guessing no, since you are willing to drive 9-10 miles to go to the other one. I also liked their lunch specials, and wondered if the one in Mansfield also did lunches. One of these days I should just go there and answer my questions, lol.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
March 19th

We use bamboo kitchen on 527 across from quik Chek and right next to sonny's pizza. We like their food very much

March 19th

We mostly use Bamboo Kitchen. Their food is usually good but a little erratic. They are closer to us than Asian Kitchen, whose food is better, but we sometimes go there. Their son is a budding artist who puts up some of his work on the wall.

Hunan Wok by Shop-rite - is bad beyond words.......greasy oily disgusting

4catmom 4catmom
March 19th

Speaking of Chinese restaurants, since Hong Kong Palace has added sushi to their menu, has anyone gotten it? Wondering if it’s any good - in particular the vegetable (vegetarian) rolls.

happiest girl
March 20th

Has anyone noticed none of the local Chinese or Japanese restaurants deliver any more?

Did DoorDash, Uber Eats, Seamless etc take over?

Local Gal Local Gal
March 20th

I received all your recommendations too late - so i ordered from Hong Kong Palace purely based on convenience. It was OK. Since I only eat Chinese every 2 or 3 years, I'm not qualified to judge or compare. Hopefully my long term memory will recall Asian Kitchen. Thanks for your responses.

Local Gal - don’t know the answer to your question about delivery, but my dilemma is online ordering - wanted to get sushi today from Little Tokyo but there is no online ordering available. Called, but the gentleman could not speak English well enough to understand what I wanted, so I had to give up. Geez.

happiest girl
March 20th

+1 Hunan Wok in Port Colden.

Jim T.: Where is Rt. 527 and Bamboo Kitchen??

Hackresident Hackresident
March 21st

517 in Independence

Bamboo Kitchen is next to Sonny's Pizza in the strip mall on the southbound side of 517, between Towpath apartments and Bilby Road.

ianimal ianimal
March 21st

Hackettstown Chinese. Always and only! Been wonderful for forty years.

MAN, that was my "go-to" as well when I lived in Greenview... HKP for "sit-down" with Chinese tea, but delivery was always Hackettstown Chinese.

House Special Egg Foo Yung or Mongolian Beef... the "Happy Family" was pretty good too. Luckily I've got an even better place now.

ianimal ianimal
March 21st

Hunan wok, washington closed tuesdays so tried asian kitchen.

Loved it.

Great variety of fresher veges, seems like less food starch, the Chinese go to to fill you up (causes hungry an hour later feeling), it’s what I call cleaner cooking. Cleaner meaning fresher, not canned, ingredients and less adders for bulk.

Really nice family folk running it too.

Might have new go to and will be back for sure. Soon. It was tasty imo.

Asian Kitchen the best..

Citychick Citychick
2 weeks ago

Yummy House
187 Rt. 519
Belvidere, NJ
They have a drive- thru

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