PT for neck issues

Need PT for neck pain due to age, compression. shrinking, arthritis and again age.

Looking to avoid a steroid shot, not even considering surgery and chiropractor route is not for me. With so many PT practices in the area, need suggestions on who is great for neck pain/working on core strength to regain alignment to better support the neck/head but not via intensive/aggressive therapy. I need to do this at a moderate level.

Orthopedic Dr. gave a list of practices that specialize in cervical/neck issues, but none are in Warren County or even nearby Morris/Sussex practices.


Three Bees Plus Three Bees Plus
March 15th

Hi, my issues weren't as bad as yours but I couldn't move my head from side to side. I went to physical therapy plus in Washington on rt 31. My therapist was Renee. It took four months and times I thought this isn't going to work but it did. Must do the exercises,etc she gives you as homework. Made a world of difference. I highly recommend her. This was a few years ago but I'm sure she's still there

Nutcracker Nutcracker
March 15th

I just checked, she's still there

Nutcracker Nutcracker
March 15th

I go right to the hospital in Hackettstown - many times, when you go to a hospital for PT, there is no charge. I have also been to Morristown for same and no charge. You would have to check with your insurance, though.

Have you tried a chiropractor?

Calico696 Calico696
March 16th

I went to Kessler in Hackettstown and they were very good. I went for my shoulder, though, I'm sure they're just as good with the neck.

Question...Can you just go to PT or do you need a script from a doctor?

htownlifer htownlifer
March 18th

You can go without a prescription.

Kessler on rt 57 in Mansfield. Excellent!

Christina Christina
3 weeks ago

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