Waterloo rd

Just wanted to see if waterloo rd is open? I know with the wind trees may be down. Thank you.

Wasn't open all the way as of 6am on 3/12. Closed at the concert field (Kinney Road).

Htown Resident Htown Resident
March 12th

Does anyone know if Waterloo Road is open yet?

Still closed this morning.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
March 13th

Wow! Must be really bad

Just opened up this afternoon. Looks like something around Waterloo village.

mamadone mamadone
March 13th

Is it open yet

Mary Bowsfield Mary Bowsfield
March 15th

is Waterloo open yet?

It’s been open since 3/14….

thank you

Anyone know if Waterloo Road is open ?
I know it was closed yesterday

Perhaps give the Hope NJ State Police Station a call.(908) 459-5098. They patrol that road. I'm sure they can give you a proper answer.

@Greg Great idea Thanks

Still closed at of right now. 3:45

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