Looking for a County tax return preparer with low cost

Okay help me direct me here years ago there used to be free in the county to those that couldn't afford an accountant. Are there any of them still around I usually do my own taxes but there's been a complication with my IRS thanks to two Banks screwing it up on me and I need to get that money back from Washington. I hate to go to h&r block and give them like $200 when I only have a few items that are complicated done, and the rest you could just breeze through.
Thanks in advance.

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February 25th


I've had my taxes done by Norwescap's VITA program and they only do fairly simple returns with the work being done by volunteers . It's a great program and if people with moderate to low income don't take advantage of it it's your loss .

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Re: Looking for a County tax return preparer with low cost
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