Comcast - No CBS!!! No Super Bowl

Am I alone?

It appears.

With that 1/2 time show, I wish my cable was out!

John C John C
Feb '24

Definitely - on both accounts.

EVV, we also had several channels out yesterday and for several days, including CBS. But we don't have Comcast, we have Optimum. We ended up streaming the game.

Jules Jules
Feb '24

I have Comcast and had to sign up and pay for paramount plus in order to get cbs in order to watch the game :/

H-Town Mama H-Town Mama
Feb '24

I have Comcast and no problems... was it dependent on where you're located?

ss2cats ss2cats
Feb '24

I have slingTV and while I get the local networks the ONE channel we don’t get is CBS. Didn’t matter, I streamed it from a popular streaming sites on the phone and casted it to the TV. High def and all.

Feb '24

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Re: Comcast - No CBS!!! No Super Bowl
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