Keto and ACV Gummies

Has anyone tried these weight loss support gummies? If so, what was the outcome?
So much hype about them!

rose eskow rose eskow
Feb '24

While I've never tried them or any weight loss supplement for that matter, the word "hype" should tell you all you need to know.

I had an acquaintance, Dr. Victor Parsonnet. He was a pioneer cardiologist. In fact he conducted the first pacemaker implant, the first heart transplant as well as the first kidney transplant here in NJ. I was acquainted with with him through the NJ Symphony Orchestra as he was Chairman for many years. I recall a conversation we had about weight loss and the multitude of fad diets and supplements. He simply stated for one to lose weight one simply needs to eat less. Simple. I always remembered what he said. That approach worked for me a few years back as I dropped about 34 pounds by just eating like a gentleman. 6 months later I met that goal. Been there ever since...

I've done Keto successfully without needing any gummies but I do take liquid minerals (Beam Minerals). If you pair it with intermittent fasting you will have even better results & truthfully, it does matter how much you eat so try eating smaller portions & stay away from the desserts, bread, & pasta which I know is quite difficult so I will indulge in a good piece of bread at a restaurant but only if the bread looks like it's really worth it & then I will eat half a piece or just eat the crust & remove the bread part. Good Luck!

Luca2 Luca2
Feb '24

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