Town Wide Yard Sale 2024

Hi, I've been looking for information on the town-wide yard sale for 2024. Does anyone here know where I can find information for this year?

Michele Cameron Michele Cameron
January 29th

I'd guess the 20th & 21st of April. Reach out to the Hackettstown First Aid & Rescue Squad website. They may organize it again this year. It was held on May 6th & 7th last year.

My guess on the date above was close.....

From the Hackettstown First Aid And Rescue Squad:

There have been many questions regarding the Town Wide Yard Sales this year!
The Projected dates will be April 27th & 28th with a rain date of May 4th & 5th
This Event is still pending Town Approval. Once approved we will announce the details! Thank you for your Patience!
Any further questions can be directed to

We are excited to announce the 2024 Spring Yard Sale is Back!!

The Hackettstown First Aid and Rescue Squad will be hosting the 3rd Annual Community Yard Sale this Year! Please see the link below on how to sign up or see Event!

In addition, the Rescue Squad is accepting Donations for items to be sold to benefit the Rescue Squad! Please see the link below on how to sign up!

Sign Up Deadline is April 22nd, 2024

All Further questions or concerns can be directed to Sam at

Irisheyes Irisheyes
3 weeks ago

I have sent a message to Sam at the above address over a week ago and have had no response from him. I've also sent a message on the squad website asking about donations to them. Again, no response. Could someone from the sqaud please contact me before I offer the items to another organization?

I am on the same page as you Cindy.

Hi everyone I’m the captain for the rescue squad if anybody has any question or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me at thanks

The Hackettstown Town Wide GS will be held on Sat 4/27 & Sun 4/28 from 9:00-4:00. Not sure but I think the first aid squad is accepting donations now. I found out about it on Facebook.

Momma J Momma J
1 week ago

Is it mandatory to register for the town garage sale?

No. Registering gets your address added to the map of known participating sales. It also helps the squad as a fundraising endeavor.

Can I have an independent yard sale in July
( am currently out of state and will miss the April event!) - any fee?
Thanks. terry

Yes you may. There is no fee or registration required in Hackettstown for a yard sale.

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