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I have used the Main Street CVS ever since it opened several years ago. Never a problem (especially when Larry was working there). Sometimes when they were busy, I would have to wait in line, but not a big deal. Today was different. Too much of a feeling of chaos.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on the other branches, the one in Target and the one in Mansfield by Shoprite. I prefer to remain with CVS if possible since they've been filling my prescriptions for so many years. Plus, those locations are more difficult for me to access.
The Main Street location is so convenient for me, but this visit today just left me with such an uncomfortable feeling. Although I will say that Julie and one of the pharmacists did help rectify my situation. I suppose it could have just been "one of those days" for some.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Nov '23

I stopped going to the CVS location by ShopRite a few years ago. I got tired of them screwing up the counts on my meds. I now go to Skylands next to Ihop. The pharmacist is Marty who was in Weis Markets when they had the Pharmacy. I pay a little more but it is worth every penny to me for the peace of mind.

Mr 4Paws Mr 4Paws
Nov '23

I like the one on Main Street. REMEMBER: you are not the only one n the store. Wait your turn!!

Nov '23

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend CVS Mansfield. I've used them for 22 years now and they know my name, my mom's name, and dozens of my friend's names every time. They've proactively ordered medicines on hand for special requests, they've navigated all the insurance, coupons, and payment issues for me.

Before I say absolutely never, in 22 years I think they may have given me a single extra pill once. But I'm not positive, although I sure a bad count has never happened twice.

Their personalized service over so many years is something more businesses of all types should be trying for.

I second what GC posted. My family has been using this pharmacy for over 20 years, as well.
Mike, the pharmacist, has been a lifesaver, figuratively and literally. All the big chain pharmacies have chaos issues. The staff, at these chains, are over worked, overwhelmed and underpaid yet the staff, at the Mansfield CVS,still provide “small town” type help, when needed. Even under the corporate created stress they must endure, they keep it together.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
Nov '23

I use Walgreens who emails me when a prescription is low and allows me to refill it with one click with another email saying when it's ready for pickup . Other prescriptions are refilled by their automated phone system with an email informing when it's filled . Pick it up at the drive in window - no fuss no muss . I can't remember the last time I was actually inside the store , probably when I got the Covid booster shot there early 2022 .

Nov '23

Remember it's the day after Thanksgiving....probably some employees called in "sick" or are on vacation/off, etc. I'd give another shot on a weekday next week and see what transpires.

2cats 2cats
Nov '23

Thanks for the responses. I will certainly give it another try.
I'm confused about one though. When did I ever say I didn't "wait my turn". I always wait my turn.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Nov '23

CVS Mansfield has been excellent for me. I've gone there since before Mike was the Pharmacist so that's about 25 + years. I think Mike's been there for 25 years. If anybody has a correction to what I've said that's fine. I know I am in the ballpark! I agree with what GC and Guilty-Remnant said above. Mike is personable, always answers questions no matter how busy he is at the time whether they are asked in person or on the phone. Also, I agree that the day after Thanksgiving could be more hectic than the usual "busy" at pharmacies and other places. CVS in Mansfield does have a hometown feel. Somebody commented on "Larry." I knew him when he worked at CVS in Mansfield. Is he okay or did he go to another pharmacy? Different subject: I hope all HL readers had a nice Thanksgiving Day.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
Nov '23

We have gotten all our shots at the CVS in Target and have always been very pleased - and I don't think I've ever seen a long line there...........

4catmom 4catmom
Nov '23

I heard Larry moved to N.Y.
I miss seeing him at CVS on main st.

Bob K. Bob K.
Nov '23

Panther Valley Pharmacy ! You’ll never regret it and they deliver for free .

Scripts Scripts
Nov '23

I would support the recommendation of the CVS near Shop Rite and again it would be because of Mike. He is highly competent, insightful and honest when making suggestions concerning medications. He is also a friendly, welcoming presence in the store.

Evergreem'69 Evergreem'69
Nov '23

I asked about Larry today and the lady said he moved back to New York about a year ago. I didn't think it had been that long since I had seen him in CVS. I hope we were talking about the same person.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Nov '23

How about Kailene from that same CVS in Main Street? She was the only friendly and nice worker in that pharmacy and she just stopped working there about a year ago,

Nov '23

Was Kailine the super nice blonde woman that looks like Sara Haines from the View?
I miss her, she was very kind and helpful. There seems to be a tremendous turnover there, every few months it's a new face and the old ones are gone. I miss Skylands Pharmacy on Stiger St, the same faces always greeted you by name.

Pamela Pamela
Nov '23

@Pamela. That was the one! So nice and helpful and the only friendly one in that pharmacy. Miss her there. You are right. Lots of turnover and overall that store has gotten more dirty, totes all over the store with inventory not put away and the hallmark cards are never restocked there.

Nov '23

Michelle is awesome at CVS in Target...I would NEVER recommend Mansfield, Pharmasist (Mike) called my Doctor dumb, extremely unprofessional!

We use Skylands next to Ihop. The pharmacist is Marty who was in Weis Markets when they had the Pharmacy. He is the BEST! Competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

I have found most CVS' great. I use Main Street because it had folks from CVS Mansfield --- Larry, Skylands, and other local folk, nice folk. During covid, they would grab so much stuff for drive through --- life savers. Hearing Larry went back to NYC is awful news --- he was so happy to be able to walk to work. Hope all is OK with him.

I started using Washington for vaccines though. No screens, they have a little room. Really nice folks again, a little less crowded.

SHOP CVS or soon we will only have Amazon.......

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