AT&T Wireless coverage - good/bad?

How is AT&T wireless specifically in town? In particular, by Hatchery Hill.

Past threads are pretty old or really focused on TMobile and other carriers.

Looking to possibly switch to AT&T from Verizon. Playing the 'new customer' deal game.

emaxxman emaxxman
Nov '23

One idea is to give a wireless carrier a try before committing via a pay as you go plan. Reason is carrier maps show NJ is well covered - but gaps may exists in an area important for you.

djdowd djdowd
Nov '23

I have cricket wireless, that uses the AT&T network. I am very happy with service.

Nov '23

I have them no major issues. Coverage has gotten better over the years been with the 20 plus years.

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Nov '23

I have AT&T no issues. No different than Verizon. All my co workers have Verizon and we all have that one spot where we have bad reception.

Nov '23

I have had AT&T for years in both Independence and Mansfield. Never any issues.

Big Al Big Al
Nov '23

Thank you all. I had AT&T a long time ago. Back then, coverage was terrible. I couldn't even get a signal in my driveway. I assumed that things got better seeing as the AT&T store is right there on rt. 57. If coverage was terrible, they probably would be closed by now.

Good to always have confirmation from those that actually have it. Thanks again.

emaxxman emaxxman
Nov '23

AT&T has a cell tower on top of the BJ Uniform store. (corner of main & High St)

My Bad! The cell tower is on roof of the pet storenext the uniform store.

I’m considering switching also. Verizon is so bad. I can’t even get Verizon customer service when I call. Always get disconnected after waiting 45 minutes. I hate it.

AuntieL AuntieL
Nov '23

EVV - That's really good to know.

Going to upgrade today. Waited till after I got back from my business trip to Toronto.

emaxxman emaxxman
Nov '23

I've never had a problem in this part of the county. I've found that coverage is spotty at best around Blairstown and Hardwick, but I think that is an issue for anyone regardless of carrier.

Just a quick update for anyone looking to get new phones for the holidays. We ordered the phones at the AT&T stand in Costco. We keep our phones forever but got good trade in offers - iphone X, Xs, 11 pro and a Samsung s9+. They've been paid off for years now.

The black Friday promotion gave us an extra $150 for the 11 pro vs if we had upgraded a week before.

My current plan with Verizon is about $180 a month for 4 lines. $40x4 lines plus ~$20 tax.

New plan is $205 per month with autopay discount, trade ins, and the best discount (AARP - annual cost $12 turns into $10 off per month per line). AARP gives all AT&T customers $10 off per line so you don't need to switch. Just call up AT&T.

Plus, there is a $6/month per line fee to allow me to upgrade any phone in 18 months. Nice thing is that Costco gives you a $400 gift card to offset that fee. You can also cancel that fee/ability after you get your gift card if you're inclined to.

At the end of the day, for $25 total more per month, we're getting 4 new iphone 15 pros (2 pro, 2 pro max).

Pretty sweet deal!

Got the phones yesterday and doing the upgrades as I type this.

I'm going to miss my Android phone with the micro sd card slot and back button. I use the back button a lot and miss it when I use my iPad.

emaxxman emaxxman
Nov '23

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