Is there a TNR Program for Hackettstown?

Just looking to see if there is a program in Hackettstown for helping get cats fixed/spayed? I found an old thread but nothing was said if there is.

Mr. 4Paws Mr. 4Paws
Nov '23

These folks may be of help.

If it's a cat you have, Father John's Animal House in Lafayette offers low cost spay/neuter by appointment..
There in information on their web and fb pages

4catmom 4catmom
Nov '23

It's actually three strays that I may be able to catch. A mother and her two teenage boys. I have been able to pet them. Was looking for something close. I'm not opposed to making a donation to help and looking to stop any further unwanted children!

Mr 4Paws Mr 4Paws
Nov '23

A second recommendation for "Father John's" in Lafayette...good people who will help out.

Evergreen'69 Evergreen'69
Nov '23

You might also check with Ted who owns Valley Auto and is very active
with saving and finding homes for cats...good guy...

New2this New2this
Nov '23

Mr 4Paws - I don't believe there are any free programs. You can try this:

4catmom 4catmom
Nov '23

You will find that shelters can often sell or or direct you to a way to buy a low cost TNR voucher for a spay or neuter. LOVE when people look out for community cats - HATE people who adopt and abandon!! And really hate to see un- managed out of control reproduction - so good on you for caring - wish more people did. It's not the best life for a domestic animal to be cold, hungry frightened and fighting to find peace living outdoors.

Try BARKS 973 300-3185, St. Hubert's (HQ in Madison but may offer some advice out of ledgewood location hours limited), PAL of Hackettstown might offer some direction - can check with Common Sense For Animals near Washington I guess not sure, maybe try 11th Hour rescue as well. If they don't offer a program perhaps they will know who does.

Lots of good hearted cat people around Htown I was so blessed to have advice from several - 4catmom was one!

Unfortunately the town is completely useless would rather see them starve, get hit by cars, freeze, get poisoned or abused by awful people and complain about too many. Many who feed and shelter do it on the DL and fear getting caught.

Those of us that care for them are many, and are supportive but on our own - it may take some digging or travel but I pray you'll find the advice and resources you seek.

We moved 7 community cats out of Htown when we left NJ - they now have a good life in NC with a kitty cottage all their own! No more cold or hunger or fear - just couldn't bear to leave them behind and not know if they were okay.... God Bless all those that care! Htown has many I pray you'll find the guidance you seek! Wish more would!

The Millers The Millers
Nov '23

If you need help with kittens please let me know , I have fosters many kittens and found them furever homes .

Ciara Ciara
Nov '23

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