Sizzle closing

So sorry to hear Sizzle BBQ is closing. Maybe now there will be another Leo’s type of lunchette. That would be great!

Oct '23

Sad to read. We enjoyed our meals there.

friendly friendly
Nov '23

Losing the Sizzle is a real gut-punch to us. We appreciate all of the downtown restaurants, and we visit several of them on a pretty regular basis. But the Sizzle was tied (with Davila's) as our top go-to places for those spur-of-the-moment "I don't really feel like cooking tonight" nights. We'll very definitely go to the Newton location now and again, but not being able to walk over whenever the mood strikes is a killer.

Monty Monty
Nov '23

Did they obtain Leo's liquor license or was that sold separately to someone else?

ianimal ianimal
Nov '23

I believe Mama's purchased Leo's liquor license a few years ago, someone please correct me if I am wrong.

SmokeyJoe SmokeyJoe
Nov '23


You do not need to be corrected

ole' timer
Nov '23

They got their restaurant that they own in Newton. CRE is expensive and you own nothing over time.

What has moved into where the sizzle was?


It's now a restaurant called "Cumbiana", which serves Columbian cuisine. A friend and I tried it several weeks ago, quite tasty.

Phil D. Phil D.
Feb '24

Tried Sizzle in Newton - empanada's were fantastic but the rest of the food was just OK. Their menu is all over the place & doesn't make sense (BBQ, taco's, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, etc).

Luca2 Luca2
Feb '24

Not cheap. 30 dollar appetizers come on man!

Metsman86 Metsman86
Feb '24

We also enjoyed the food at Cumbiana, Phil.

Metsman86 what $30 appetizers?? Didn't see anything like that when I ate there. I personally though their prices where below comparable meals prices in other local restaurants

Mar '24

I like to support the small business in town but Sizzle was not edible. It was also very expensive. I'm sorry not good at all. I'm just not surprised. Cumbiana has decent food though. and value. Improvement for sure.

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