Portable Solar Generators

Anyone have any experience with portable solar generators - I was thinking of purchasing one for emergencies but don't know how good they are. Some of them cost in the $$thousands but that's out of my reach. Any comments (pro/con) from someone who has one would be appreciated.

Margaret Margaret
Sep '23


Weedwacker Weedwacker
Sep '23

I have several from Anker and they're great and they have ones for camping etc from $100 or so, up to whole house style units for thousands.

There's also some solar panels with direct USB-A/C output so you don't need the funky adapters, like AcoPower's (I have the 100w one)

alpha1beta alpha1beta
Sep '23

Re: Portable Solar Generators

You may want to consider a solar panel along with a power inverter attached to a marine battery. Sounds complicated? Not so much. A solar panel is only going to give you a small amount of juice and wont be able to run too many things too long. But, if you use it as a recharger for a marine battery, you may find for emergencies that you are getting more reliable power for longer periods of time from a powerful marine battery. Also, you are not fully reliant on the sun, which often during bad weather situations is not available or very powerful or shining long enough (winter time) when you have this type of setup I am describing.

The picture attached is what I typically use at car shows when I am going to be on a hot field most of the day. It is enough to power 2 decent size fans and charge any electrical devices. I could probably run more electric devices off of it, but I never need to. It pretty much is the method I use to keep the wife cool at the shows and that seems to keep her wanting to come back to more shows!

Just a different approach. (1000 watt power inverter $75 and a 100 Watt solar panel $130. Marine battery is a Walmart EverStart, about $100)

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Sep '23

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