mail order madness

Which ones are your favs? I'lls start:

I recently started with davidovich bakery.

The bran muffins are unique and softball sized.

Never have a black n white, wow --- did not expect that.

Nor the Bobka.

Now I now what a flagel is.

Can't say I love all the pastries, hold on the lox, but what I like, I love.

Very healthy ingredients, old time Jewish bakery. Brooklyn based but mail order is out of NJ. No way out of shipping price, and it's a bit pricey I think. But a great treat.

babbit babbit
Sep '23

Guess this one isn't a hot topic, but I will try one more:

Purdue Farms is what you expect; flash frozen chicken. It's a collective of farms and includes beef and other things as well. Big bags of chicken, breasts are huge. To get free shipping, you need to be at $160 or about 30lbs so need a freezer. Very nice people at call center if you have concerns. Think of them as Omaha Steaks for chicken..... We may be dreaming but feel the flash frozen seems better/fresher than the fresh store stuff.

The beef is tasty but well marbled, we only get a few tablespoons of grease from a pound of ground, but it feels/tastes like more for some reason. And we had ribeye's the other night almost set the grill ablaze. But incredible taste, Omaha or better if you like em "marbled."

Often they have pretty good sales, the three 14 oz ribeye's were free for example, the ground beef was about $5 lb on sale.

But we think it's the raw, uncooked chicken where they excel. Just at 30lbs, we have to get some breaded so it's good we like chicken patty with avocado and chic fillet sauce sandwiches.

They use UPS which we prefer for food stuffs.

babbit babbit
Sep '23

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