Junk Removal Service

I'm starting this topic because all the information on here is years old.
I would like to find someone who I can hire to come in and remove a lot of "junk" I have accumulated in my house, basement, and shed. I need someone who will carry the stuff for me. I have mattresses, air conditioners, a small sofa, microwave, humidifier, a couple tvs, etc. A fine mixture of 50 years of life in one house.
I also want someone I can trust that will definitely take it to the landfill and not just dump it somewhere in the woods.
I'm having a "spring cleaning" mood a little late.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
1 week ago

Hi, Lonesome Dove.
Looking for the same thing.

Me too!!

happycamper happycamper
1 week ago

Check classified in HL, under services.

Richard Petrick. He's advertised in the classifieds. I thought he was a good worker with fair prices.

janet gray janet gray
1 week ago

Re: Junk Removal Service

About 4 years ago, we moved and downsized. We found a junk hauler with a dump truck we filled twice with stuff. I believe we found him in the Pennysaver rag you see at supermarkets and such. He was reasonable and prompt but unfortunately it was a cash transaction and I have no data to forward to you.

Me three!

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
1 week ago

I hear radio commercials all the time for-


or College Guys Hauling Junk.

Can't speak to either of them...but they have been around for years...

First, rent a dumpster and have it on site. Then, take your time and fill it up. Air conditioners contain Freon and has to be removed before trashing and it isn't free. The dumpster rental will let you know what can be tossed in.

Robert Rowe Robert Rowe
1 week ago

I'm getting ready to move "stuff" out also - not junk but just stuff - some new; some not and maybe some furniture too. If somebody has used 1-800-Got-JUNK or College Guys Hauling Junk what was your experience and were they reliable. I know everybody's experience is different. Thank you!

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
1 week ago

I am also cleaning out because I will be moving. I have called the veterans' donations site and have a pickup scheduled for next month. https://pickupplease.org.
I am also in contact with restore in Washington and they do pickups for furniture. You can go on those 2 sites and see what items they accept. Happy cleaning out!

We used 1-800-GOT-JUNK? several times. They were very professional, but a bit on the pricey side. You may be better off using some of subaru's suggestions.

Courtney1 Courtney1
1 week ago

Robert Arno
Oxford • 17 hr ago •
Anyone feeling the need for junk removal? Perhaps, you have furniture you'd like to move in the garage and clear space? Whatever the reason, my uncle can help and provide you with a free estimate and fair price. My cell phone number is 908-319-9837.

Have a wonderful day!!
Robert Arno

Saw this on Next Door.

GreatMeadows GreatMeadows
1 week ago

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