Police searching For Driver /Hit And Killed dog

This happened just before the start of the parade on Monday on Rt.57 near Brantwood Terrace. The driver hit the pet and continued, leaving the scene. Sadly the 10 month old puppy succumbed to its injuries.

There are a couple of photos of the vehicle. There have been several post on social media since the event in an attempt to spread the word. It's alleged the driver may have purposely swerved to hit the dog according to several eye witnesses.



Re: Police searching For Driver /Hit And Killed dog

What do you think...it looks like a 2015 Chevrolet Trax, see photo

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
Jun '23

Correct OnTheEdge. The dog owner keeps posting updates on FB.

It drives by the accident everyday at the same time! I just saw it and got a partial tag number.
I'm not 100% on the tag order, the car was flying by so fast! I locked my eyes on the car and am 100% its the person who hit Milo. They must work somewhere in town or the 15 mile radius. They drove right by my house."

Tell us where and what time- and we can all look for the vehicle then....

They may have already contacted the police with that information, who I would think would not want a bunch of people standing around that area of road. Regardless I hope this piece of X gets caught.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
Jun '23

They have certainly contacted the police with all relative information. The dog owner spotted the car a day or so after the incident as she theorizes the person works in town, with a 10:00am start most likely at a place that was open on Monday, the holiday. The car was spotted around the same time, 9:45am ish traveling east on 57 near Brentwood Terrace the location of the incident. I gather from the reply posts online there will be a few folks lingering in that area around that time moving forward.

If that person has seen this or the multiple FB postings, I would think they would find a different route. Keep an eye on Rockport Road/Grand Avenue also.
I've been keeping an eye out since I saw that FB post. It's amazing how many white/silver cars of this type are on the roads. I can't discern make/model or see license plate while I'm driving, so I try to see if it's dented on the passenger side, but that's also difficult while driving.
Good luck in finding this heartless person.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Jun '23

Some folks mentioned that as well LD. I would like to think the police may even sit on both 57 and those few alternative routes.

Just out of curiosity, what do you expect the police to charge the driver with, given that they get hold of them?

James E Beckman James E Beckman
Jun '23

The owner states the person who ran over her dog Milo has been identified and the police are handling it appropriately. Hopefully this will bring some closure to an awful situation.

Excellent news in a horrible situation. Thanks for the update Greg

Too bad we can't run over the perp. Heartless bastard.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Jun '23

As long as he / she is 18- might as well tell us the name of the 'suspect'....as it is public domain.

JB- I'm not sure of what charges could be leveed however I believe the police viewed video of the "accident" and may issue summonses based on motor vehicle offences seen in the footage as well as some sort of cruelty to animal charge since the animal died as a result of the "accident" with the driver leaving the scene. Clearly there is not much as far as restitution for the owner just some closure knowing the person responsible will face the music particularly if it was intentional as stated by the witnesses.

The responsible party has not been named yet....

The law:

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
Jun '23

Not to be a heartless POS but shouldn’t the owner be held responsible for having their dog off leash? Why was the dog anywhere near the road/shoulder? If the owner was holding the leash while this person swerved to hit it, by all means, throw the book at the driver.

Jun '23

Consigliere - two separate issues. The driver may not be liable for the dog's medical care if it was off leash. But in all cases no matter who is at fault, you must stop, report hitting the pet, and try to help. No excuses for not stopping.

That was one of the observations posted after the incident. It is a valid point for sure. Apparently the puppy slipped its leash and ran from the owners yard. I believe that is what was stated by Milo's owner. She is devastated naturally.

The AH was found. And it wasn't just an accident. Video shows the car swerve over onto the grass to hit the dog. So how on earth can people wonder "what charges" there could be?!

BlaBlaBla BlaBlaBla
Jun '23

What kind of a-hole would purposefully drive sideways to hit a dog?
We are getting more and more crazies here lately.
I cannot believe my eyes when I read this. Too sad.
The owner is going to need counseling over this. I know I would :(/

I love how everyone has rushed to judgment without actually seeing the video. There is a big difference between swerving to hit a dog and accidentally drifting onto the shoulder. The driver did not intentionally hit the dog. And like most of us that have ever accidentally drifted onto a shoulder and were jolted by hitting the ground/grass, he didn’t realize he hit a dog. This is even furthermore proven by the fact that he continued to use that route almost daily after the incident. He did not avoid that route. He was not trying to elude police because he obviously didn’t know he hit a dog. Get real people.

Eileen Dover Eileen Dover
Jun '23

Do you know them personally? If someone is drifting onto the grass a lot, especially to get jolted awake, they shouldn't be driving in general. There would also be a noticeable difference between running over a dog, even a puppy, and the grass. If you can't tell, you shouldn't be driving. They also might not have been able to avoid the route because they may of not known to go up and around. None of us know for sure but your assessment of the situation is no more credible then anyone else's.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
Jun '23

" If you can't tell, you shouldn't be driving. "


Ben Dover sounds like a family member- "my child would never behave in such a manner"....

From the sounds of it- there is video evidence to back up the driving behavoir so let the court decide.

I''ll readily tell you though- IF I witnessed someone swerve to hit my dog- even if it skipped leash or escaped from yard- I would be cuffed and in jail because I would hunt you down with every moment of my existence and beat you as much as I was able, with everything in my power- your death included, of no concern.

Eye for an eye- I'll take the punishment. F whomever did such a thing- if what is told & videoed is true. I can't imagine what the owner of the dog is going through. I hope the perp suffers.

+100 Josh!! I'm right there with you!

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Jun '23

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