Verizon Service Today

Good morning.
Is anyone having problems making & receiving
calls today from cell phone?
Calls will connect, but then drop.

Verizon has been working on the lines near my home the last few days and on Monday did not have a inernet connection for 9 hours ( I have my internet, home phone and cellphone connection with Verizon), Tuesday a few hours again and even today for a bit. I do not use my cellphone much but probably the same on that..

Thank you, Joyful.

Usually Puden when my phone does this, I have to restart it to resolve. I have a Samsung s22. Every once in a while a coworker will say they tried calling me and I have no missed calls. I try calling out and it does the ring and then drops. When that happens a reboot will resolve for me. It stinks because I usually don’t know it is going on until someone brings it to my attention. I don’t make many calls out.

Thank you, M&K. Yes, that happens to me as well sometimes. Calls will drop with no notification of a missed call.

we have verizon and problem with calls

4catmom 4catmom
3 days ago

My computer internet situation wound up with being a problem in my Modem from Verizon that was not allowing me at times to get internet service on my computer. I have my home phone and internet service with Verizon. So, called about the problem and they sent me out a new Modem and said all I have to do when it arrived is call Verizon and they would send someone out to hook it up for me. It arrived today and I called only to be told that they do not do the connections and that it is really simple for anyone to do. Well, not for a older person who is not very tech savvy like guess I wait to have it connected until my son or someone who knows what to helps me with this. I have been a customer of Verizon for over 40 years and pay $119.00 per month just for land line and internet and yet they could not help me with this? Seems like time for a change...

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