Student car Brakes

Are there any side mechanics or writers that can do brake jobs for a HS students car? Money is a bit tight and big companies charge way to much. Looking for a local mechanic that is reasonable. Thank You

The definition of “reasonable” varies between person to person. And call me nuts, but do you really want a writer to do your brakes? Brakes are kind of important.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
May '23

The #1 answer to everyone always saying a job costs too much is to call around and get 4-5 quotes.

Still too much?

#2 answer, and life lesson- learn how to do it yourself.

My bad, should have spell checked. I meant to say retiree’s not writers.

Call Valley Auto on main st

Hadenough Hadenough
May '23

Assuming they’re disc brakes, and assuming you don’t have a disability, it’s pretty easy and most cost effective to do yourself.

Makomiller1984 Makomiller1984
May '23

Not sure about this but, Auto Shop at Mt Olive High School may be able to do it.

@Jack. The auto shop program at MOHS has been gone for over a decade.

Mike Herbst Mike Herbst
May '23

What is the year, make and model of the car? As stated above, disc brake replacement is one of the easiest jobs a novice can tackle. If you know how to remove your wheels (everyone should) doing the brakes couldn’t be easier.

If you let us know the particulars, we can help guide you. Or, if you look on YouTube there are probably 2-3 detailed videos on your kids exact model. Go do autozone, buy the cheapest pads and rotors (if mileage and age require rotors), Jack up the corner you’re working on and you’ll be done before you know it. You can do this!

May '23

Bad advice by Consigliere. Don’t goto autozone and buy the cheapest pads unless you want to be doing then again in 6 months. You can cheap out on the rotors but if you want to stop and have a pad that will last, buy a name brand, quality pad. I’ve done hundreds of brake jobs. For most cars it’s easy, for others it can be slightly complicated and require a computer in cases with an electric parking brake.

not sack
May '23

Not Sack, of course in an ideal situation you wouldn’t want the cheapest pads from autozone. I’m giving advice to someone who cannot afford a brake job.

May '23


For what they save in labor, they can invest a bit of that in higher quality pads. The thing is too, if you cheapen out too much on rotors, you end up with the ones that rust easily after a rain. Pads that aren't that good will then not scrape the surface rust off the rotors and will have it embedded in the pads, leading to noisy brakes and lower braking ability. I've read of this happening quite often, with some car manufacturers apparently publishing TSBs on the subject.

Phil D. Phil D.
May '23

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