Medicare Fraud

The Medicare Fraudsters finally caught me. Someone, somehow, despite all my careful attempts, got hold of my Medicare number and has started filing claims that aren't mine. Most of them are for $96 for Covid tests, but there was another rather large one for catheters. I have reported all of them to the Fraud Department at Medicare and was advised that they are getting many, many reports of this type of thing.
Check your claims regularly. I go on-line often to check and that's how I stumbled on to this mess. The lady at Medicare was very nice and very helpful. Let's hope I've nipped this in the bud. I requested a new number and am hoping that doesn't become a headache for me.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
May '23

That is terrible and I’m sorry you have to spend your own personal time fixing this. Also, as a taxpayer, this really bothers me as well. These scams are sometimes so complex that you wonder why the scammer wouldn’t just get a regular job.

May '23

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