5/20/23 Power Outage

No power issues in Hackettstown this morning? Lots of power issues just west of Hackettstown since 10:30PM or so last night. Hearing parts of Independence are out. Liberty and Oxford are almost all out. JCP&L has a 2AM restoration time...

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
May '23

I woke up last night at 12 ish no power …. I woke up again at 2am when the power turned on again… any reason why ? Maintenance? A Operational opps I did not mean to hit that button…

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
May '23

Living in an area with outdated and antiquated power grid equipment makes widespread power outages commonplace.JCP&L and First Energy are responsible parties to a failing power grid. Time to petition them to spend money on upgrades instead of band aid patches on the power lines.

May '23

No. If "widespread power outages are commonplace" , be prepared and get set up with a generator. A petition is as good as placing a note in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean. I say take action to remedy the situation with personal responsibility. Waiting and trying to get the power companies to make sweeping large scale improvements is simply pie in the sky thinking in my opinion. All that will do is keep one in the dark. LOL

And yes, I get it the power grid et al in the area should not be so intermittent and unreliable. However it has been for quite some time and will be for the foreseeable future.

Greg: I have a generator. Contacting JCP&L does have benefits. The company has made improvements such as cutting tree branches that are close to power lines. There is more work to be done on a decrepit power grid that is at least 40 years behind the times.

May '23

Jcp&l sucks! All the money we pay and for how often we loose power.. last night no weather no accident nothing!! Ya you ppl say get a generator well maybe people can’t afford one because of the money we spend on our bill. Yes we definitely have outdated power services seeing when we had the nasty storms come through and the other power companies that came from all over did not even want to touch it because it was so bad. I can’t wait to see what people have to say. It will be the people who work for or k ow ppl that work with jcpl that will make the nasty comments! Spend the dam money and upgrade already

Power grid Power grid
May '23

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