Tomato Plants

I've been told when watering to be careful to not water the leaves. What about when it rains?

Parental Unit Parental Unit
May '23

I live in Hackettstown and I have well water. My experience is to not get the leaves wet so mold doesn't grow. Rain is a neutral ph and is not contaminated with fluoride and chlorine like municipal water.. Rain splashes soil on tomato plants and causes disease. I mulch mine with wood chips and this retains moisture and will not splash. Good luck, homegrown tomatoes are awesome.

Robert Rowe Robert Rowe
May '23

Nope. Lot of variables involved with tomato growing. Don't over water until late july/august when dry weather hits. Mold happens from humidity. Your soil has to be dry most of the time. This is why tomatoes thrive in full sun and within evaporation. You may have issues in partial sun even if it's 8 hours. You need complete all day sun. If you have less than 8 hours of sun, don't water it much.

May '23

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