Events on the Memorial Day Weekend?

Can you please post any events happening on the 3-Day Memorial Day Weekend within 40 minutes of Hackettstown?


Hackresident Hackresident
May '23

There are lots of guides like the one above with events listed.

Some folks here on HL may know of a few smaller local events as well. I can't believe were approaching Memorial Day already.

Mattars is having music in their tent next Friday from 8 pm - 11 pm.

Luca2 Luca2
May '23

No car show at Mars this year?

May '23

Yes, the Memorial Motor Madness show is on. May 28th 9AM-3PM.

Is there a parade Monday?

May '23

D-ManPV, You're joking right?

It's the 155th year this parade is being held in Hackettstown. Its a safe bet.... LMAO!!! C'mon man!!

^ Hahahhaaa….well I hadn’t seen anything mentioned so wanted to be sure. 10:00 AM?

May '23

Yes it begins at 10:00AM. You're right, it hadn't been mentioned here. I listen to local radio, WRNJ, all the time, as well as receive the police text alerts and such. I also follow the Hackettstown BID etc. All those places have been talking about it. Also, I noted the DPW put out multiple road barriers around Main Street the other day in preparation for some road closures.
The weather looks to be great. Should be a good time as always. We also have some grandstand improvements at Union cemetery that a local scout has been working for his eagle project where the memorial service takes place each year following the parade.

It appears I was mistaken regarding a renovated grandstand at Union Cemetery. While there has been some demolition, there is only caution tape surrounding the area with no improvements completed yet. I'm unsure what the disposition of the ceremony will be tomorrow.

However while I was looking at the area earlier, I noted several people having a picnic complete with blankets, chairs, coolers, drinks, etc. right there in the cemetery. A few of the people were also fishing from the riverbank and the bridge. I know folks feel the cemetery is an acceptable dog park and often curb their dog without retrieving it so I'm sure many will feel this area is also akin to a public park for their enjoyment. It is not. It is a place where our loved ones are interred, a place that commands respect for what it is. It is not a park for recreation. We have many other spaces for that in our area. We are not located in some urban jungle with little or no green spaces. For Pete's sake we are in a rural area with scores of acceptable places to enjoy all sorts of natural settings. A cemetery is not one of them. In my opinion of course....

Agreed Greg. Brazen disrespect and sense of entitlement.

ole' timer
May '23


May '23

Many cultures, including the US in the recent past have used cemeteries as park lands. Some municipalities have begun to encourage it.

Roywhite Roywhite
May '23

Cemeteries are private land. No?

ole' timer
May '23

"Definitions: A cemetery is a place where dead bodies and cremated remains are buried. It is a locale set aside, either by governmental authority or private enterprise. A public cemetery is open for use by the community at large while a private cemetery is used only by a small segment of a community or by a family."

4catmom 4catmom
May '23

The cemetary is in Washington township - the other side of the river. I do not know the status of the park like area on our side of the river other than the right of way to the cemetary.

All of the property is owned by the Union Cemetery Association including the entrance and the area located on Mountain Avenue as well as the entire parcel across the river in Washington township along East Ave. While they are exempt from property tax, it is not a public cemetery open for use by the community at large.

Curious you mentioned different cultures, Roywhite. The folks were speaking a language I didn't readily recognize, not that I was listening very closely. It was however an Eastern European language for sure. I too thought as I rode away that it may be a culture thing and they are not aware of what should be the decorum regarding a cemetery here in the US. But these days?? All bets are off it appears...

As an aside, the grandstand was in use this morning for the Memorial service.

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