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Looking for someone to diagnose/repair a vehicle on my property. Any help appreciated.

That’s a tough one. Most shops would want to tow the car their building so they can put it on a lift and have full access to their diagnostic and air tools. You may have to bite the bullet and pay the money for a tow.

May '23

Most mechanics would have a charge to come out and then only get it to the point where it can be driven to the shop to work on.

The charge for the tow isn't going to be any more than what they want for diagnostics. Just have it towed, they tower will have a cheaper rate if it turns out they can jump the battery or something.

Just saw a sign advertising this in Port Murray.

Pretty snazzy website.

If I'm not mistaken- the Motorly sign is in front of some house on Rt 57 near Willy's Weiners.

The problem with 'come diagnose / repair' at my house....beyond not having the tools / lift / weather protection.... is that typically that type of customer also wants- CHEAP.

Reality is- the cost should be more. Significantly more.

Travel time, specialized tools, inconvenient work area- and more than likely multiple trips.

brake boss in hackettstown 862 287 1514

john benson john benson
May '23

pleased with work

john benson john benson
May '23

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