Car Shortage

According to automoblog, 65% in the industry think the world-wide chip shortage responsible for the car shortage will improve this year; 20% think it will last beyond 2023.

happiest girl
May '23

The dealers are loving this. They pay the same amount from manufacturers for the car and make you think you’re getting a deal paying sticker price. Read a report last year stating that dealer profits were up even though they sold far fewer cars. I don’t know if the days of getting 10% off a new car are ever going to return. Manufacturers of course want to produce more cars as their profit is based off of units.
There are some funny yet disturbing videos on YouTube made in the past few years of people going onto lots and seeing $50,000 cars marked up to $80k-$90k. My uncle in Florida found a Nissan frontier specc’ed just the way he wanted it at a local dealer. It was a $38,000 truck with a “dealership market adjustment” of $15,000 on top. Crazy world these days.

May '23

It's a racket... dealers keeping cars stored off premises to make the lot look empty...

"It's a racket... dealers keeping cars stored off premises to make the lot look empty..."

This is absolute nonsense

evets evets
May '23

I kinda agree with Josh. After Covid, a lot of people saved money while others went broke. IMHO, businesses that survived are priced gouging but I haven’t studied any credible sources, on the subject. Careful, peeps….this thread is about to go WOOSH!

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
May '23

I don't doubt it one bit. Here's an article. Take it at face value or not...

"This is absolute nonsense"

I await your apology.


Too funny! I work for 4 local dealerships and they are NOT hiding inventory! 3 of the 4 can't get enough product as they're still being allocated from corporate. I've actually questioned as to whether corporate is purposely slowing assembly... so that would be the only issue around here....

CommonSense CommonSense
May '23

No apologies coming from me, Josh.

And I 100% agree with what Common Sense just said.
I too work for a dealership and if someone is hiding our cars please let me know! We are down to about 20 new cars available where we used to have around 150 at any one time.
If anyone is to blame it's the manufacturers and not the dealerships.

evets evets
May '23

Ahh yes- ignore proof shown above- which is only one example.

Of course people working for dealerships are the ones saying dealerships aren't doing such things.

We've proven it's happening- so you can't say it isn't.

That "proof" doesn't prove anything. The article attached is all speculation and no actual substance.
I know what I see every day here based on over two decades in the business. Do you think I enjoy turning people away because I don't have a car to sell them and won't have what they want for weeks or months?!
I will concede that maybe SOME dealerships are taking advantage and pulling some shady stunts. But in any business there are going to be the few bad outliers. Overall almost everyone is dealing with the same supply issues that we are seeing here. So it's unfair the blame the dealerships as if we are all the bad guys trying to screw everyone over.
I'm just a local guy working my butt off for a living and struggling to get by in this situation that no one has ever had to deal with before.

evets evets
May '23

If Josh had said “every single dealership in the country is hiding cars” You would have a point. But Josh didn’t say that.

There is video evidence on YouTube of people locating off-site lots that dealers are storing cars. In many cases it is backfiring on the dealers as they typically have 30 days of 0% interest on the vehicles before they get charged for holding them. Nevertheless, it IS true that some dealerships are doing it to create artificial scarcity.

Saying “I work for a dealership and we don’t do that, so what Josh is saying isn’t true” is anecdotal and in no way speaks for the massive dealer networks nationwide. You’re implying that every dealership works the same as yours which is not true. Differnt makes have different sources and contracts with chip makers. Some brands are producing lots of cars. Other brands, the ones without access to as many chips, are not.

May '23

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