Nautalis Exercise Equipment Repair

Hi All,
I have a 245 Weider Nautalis Exercise Gym and the cable snapped. Does anyone know of someone who repairs these gyms? It was an expensive unit and I do not want to just throw it away. Thank you for your help!

Appreciative Appreciative
April 30th


3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
May 1st

Are you Hulk Hogan?

dodgebaal dodgebaal
May 2nd

Can you take some pics and post them? A snapped cable seems like it could be a simple fix. Maybe we could walk you through it.

May 2nd

Its a Weider 245 Home Gym. I'm in my 60's female and probably will not be able to fix it myself. I contacted the fitness machine technicians that was provided to me by 3wbdwnj. Thank you!

Appreciative Appreciative
May 4th

Unfortunately the fitness machine technicians do not fix this type of equipment. Does anyone have anyone they can recommend.

thank you again!

Appreciative Appreciative
3 weeks ago

I know you don’t want to attempt to fix this yourself but if you know anyone that would try to attempt it, here’s the manual with assembly instructions:

I linked it to page 12 where it begins to show how to weave the cable.

3 weeks ago

You could also try calling local gyms and ask who they use

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