Easter Bread Rolls

Does anyone know where to buy prune, poppy, nut, or fruit rolls for Easter?


There are places in Passaic, or Kohout's Bakery in Garfield, etc., but for more like what my Polish Grandma used to make, in terms of lots of filling with less bloated crust, my money's on Butter Maid Bakery in Boardman, OH. They do mail orders, and they have the filling!


Phil D. Phil D.
Mar '23

Hi, there is a Polish deli in Pburg.
You can call them and see if they make them.
Perhaps Alpine Deli also in Blairstown.

Weis has poppy seed bread, you know, that long thing stuffed with poppy seeds. Sometimes you have to ask where they are or they will have them in the back. If you want more authentic, well, it won't be for Easter, but this church does this several times per year. All of their stuff is great.


nutcracker nutcracker
Apr '23

+1 for the ButterMaid Bakery. I get their walnut rolls, they are fantastic. Their chocolate chip cookies were not...

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Apr '23

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