Local hate action

Local hate action

Hard for me to believe this happened nearby

4catmom 4catmom
Mar '23

State troopers were all over Johnsonburg Road and Allamuchy School this morning. Hope they catch the perpetrator.

Mar '23

Trying to understand this. They are listing the fact that these people are all Jewish. Ok, but what is the point of the rat poison? Is there a large Jewish population in Allamuchy that would be picking these bags up? Asking because I don't know. Who is the target here? Seems very odd. If they were just trying to make a point of the names and that they are Jewish, why not just tack fliers to a pole. I hope nobody gets harmed by this.

Calico696 Calico696
Mar '23

This is part of a larger anti Semitic Neo Nazi propaganda agenda. These same flyers have been found all over the country. Sick

alla234 alla234
Mar '23


Sadly, history repeats itself, 100 years later.
However, while the American Nazi Party had a Bund Camp up at Lake Illif, and the Klan actually had bought a mansion in Washington for their headquarters, I haven't seen reports in the old newspapers of things like this happening back then, though they may have.

While our Constitution guarantees the Right to free speech (within the limits of causing harm/incitement to violence, or threatening public safety), it doesn't give anyone the right to put anyone in danger, or expose them to harm.

I truly hope they find the perpetrator(s) and find out what their agenda is or who they're working with, and/or for. Hopefully, this kind of cancer isn't widespread.

Phil D. Phil D.
Mar '23

A truly sad and despicable reminder of why The Holocaust should never be forgotten.

@Calico...FYI, Hitler likened Jews to rats as a very effective form of hate propaganda, which led to the systematic killing of over 6 million people, the majority of which were Jews. Clearly, this warped individual is using the rat poison as symbolism in the same vein.

Hopefully he will be apprehended before too long.

only one truth only one truth
Mar '23

Hopefully someone had a Ring doorbell that caught them. This shouldn't be happening in this peaceful part of the State. Times they are a changin. For the worse unfortunately.

ncgal44 ncgal44
Mar '23

Good question: "Who is the target here? Seems very odd. If they were just trying to make a point..." Just speculating highlighting those people are almost all, always dems/far-left or socialist.
However, since governmental Covid restrictions on people (like wearing masks & Vax) has largely been minimized, those flyers look more Dated, missed its mark on timing, nevertheless those workers around Covid when it came here - rather than info on the lab or origins it came from.

aol123@aol.com aol123@aol.com
Mar '23

Not so local - after a Google image search these flyers popped up in LA Cali, Sarasota Florida, Beverly Hills CA, Chicago IL, Wisconsin and all over Twitter...from coast to coast.

I hope it's just some dumb kid getting ideas from sites like 4chan. They have been around for a while now. Though drove past planned Parenthood yesterday and saw some lovely trumpers with signs saying don't sacrifice your children to Gilgamesh and molech. For those that are uniformed that's who they believe the elite (and Jews) really believe in, goes back to the pizzagate days. Still confused about the Gilgamesh part though.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
Mar '23

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