IPad Generation Question

can someone tell me what generation this IPad is:

I need 8th Generation or newer. Thnks.

That is 2nd generation. An antique in today's world. LOL

You will need an iPad with the OS of iPad OS 14 or better. The current models are iPad OS is 16.4 for example.

As Greg said, it’s Gen 2. We still have one we gave to the kids to play with and while it still works for FaceTime calls with their grandparents and watching YouTube videos there are a lot of apps it won’t run because of the age of the operating system (iOS). The last update available for it was iOS 9 which was many, many years ago. To give you an idea of its age, the iPad 2 came out in 2011 so it’s about 12 years old. A real relic. I’d say it’s maybe worth $50-$75 because it will still surf the web and FaceTime call from Wi-Fi.

Mar '23

It's so old, it still has the 30-pin dock connector... the Lightning connector didn't start until the 4th generation.

ianimal ianimal
Mar '23

Eighth generation is for iPad's. That's the Air product line with a different number of Generations. In so many words, it doesn't work like that.

What you need is generally based on something you're trying to do, or a particular program you want to run. The only reason for a generation is because it's for an iOS version, and that's the real prerequisite.

Start at the beginning with what you're trying to do. If there is a specific target iOS then you could say whether that particular Air model would work or not.

Hi, I am using an app called Touch Chat for my student.
Can someone find me an Ipad that can be compat. thanks

According to the App Store, the app needs iPad OS 14.0 or later... the current updated OS for the iPad Air 2 is iPad OS 15.7.4, so the machine you linked to should work, but I'm far from an Apple expert so get a 2nd opinion.

ianimal ianimal
Mar '23

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